Karl Jacobs Cancel Culture Community EXPOSED! #DramaAlert Ice Poseidon INTERVIEW Karl Jacobs Apology 

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2. maj. 2021

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Brycenhasacat Pred 10 dnevi
Nobody: Twitter: No one has been cancelled in 5 hours. Quick! Somebody find a slightly racist tweet made by a respected youtube creator in 2010
2I4s Pred 2 dnevi
@Omar Al Qaracha Facebook is better cause no cancel culture there
Emmitt Milan
Emmitt Milan Pred 3 dnevi
@Fletcher Leonard Yea, been using flixzone for since december myself :)
Fletcher Leonard
Fletcher Leonard Pred 3 dnevi
a tip: you can watch movies on Flixzone. Me and my gf have been using it for watching all kinds of movies lately.
endinq Pred 4 dnevi
@Omar Al Qaracha “canceled”
Rotiv Leumas
Rotiv Leumas Pred 5 dnevi
@Omar Al Qaracha twitter is dum
Orvex Pred 52 minutami
Crab mentality bringing down people is the shitties part of being human...
PG16 Pred uro
The people who are sane, are obviously gonna ignore this bullshit
christie rae
christie rae Pred 14 urami
Sorry but Karl is sweet I don’t think he meant to send hate! He’s also been going through a lot and maybe didn’t explain properly... I truly believe he was trying to apologize for himself and keep drama out but failing
volxyy Pred 16 urami
Karl needs to realize that you can’t apologize for everything.
₩₩₩ Pred 17 urami
Kaneki XD
Kaneki XD Pred 20 urami
From the start I always hate karl... No offense lololo
Vasco Rfael
Vasco Rfael Pred dnevom
Karl is a coward
Vasco Rfael
Vasco Rfael Pred dnevom
Hm dont trust a dude that paints his nails for another dude
yaa yeet
yaa yeet Pred dnevom
I feel like ppl see rs and they think toxic game toxic ppl but in reality we grew up on a game that gave us a thick skin.
noob slayer xx
noob slayer xx Pred dnevom
Karl is such a cringe kid, no talent just lucky he's beast's friend. And plays Minecraft 😂
Nyana Pred dnevom
Karl did nothing and was forced to make a rushed apologize which caused drama. This shit is so stupid I hate cancel culture.
Frost Fiction Live
Frost Fiction Live Pred 2 dnevi
How do you leave a community
Raph Pred 2 dnevi
"I've made out with a lot of dudes" - Ice Poseidon, 2021
puff puff
puff puff Pred 2 dnevi
HOLD UP wait a min let’s back it up so people demanded an apology over something that happened years ago BRUHHH waste of time
Capital_Beaz47 Pred 2 dnevi
Ice Poseidon isn't racist? Lemme just link every example
warrior for God
warrior for God Pred 2 dnevi
People are pathetic
warrior for God
warrior for God Pred 2 dnevi
People are so weird this world beond fucked
Xdreamer I
Xdreamer I Pred 3 dnevi
He mad annoying too. Idk why MrBeast put him in his group
Asher Francis
Asher Francis Pred 4 dnevi
I hate cancel culture because it is all a bunch of white girls who don’t know how the world works
tobias x
tobias x Pred 2 dnevi
Little dumb kids***
Sw lil Avo
Sw lil Avo Pred 4 dnevi
I think it’s ironic how keemstar wines about cancel culture but actively participates in it. It’s just crazy to me, if someone does or says something they should have to pay for what they said.
ACE ? Pred 4 dnevi
People can't do what they used to do cuz of cancel culture soft ass mfks
Benjamin Martinovic
Benjamin Martinovic Pred 4 dnevi
Karls looks like a trans lmao
Orange Austronaut
Orange Austronaut Pred 5 dnevi
Petition to start a Cancel *Cancel* Culture
G E Pred 5 dnevi
Karl is just trying to save himself. What a guy
Moffa Pred 4 dnevi
What a coward correct.
Kachi Anyiam
Kachi Anyiam Pred 5 dnevi
I can't lie I've never really like Karl 😂😂😂
Slinkyfish72 Pred 5 dnevi
We found diamonds we found diamonds we beat the fucking game
Roguenight The god
Roguenight The god Pred 5 dnevi
I think this calls for a SLtv civil war ii?
MrLittleJa Pred 5 dnevi
You are gross
Chance Courtney
Chance Courtney Pred 5 dnevi
Let's go to war against cancel culture boys!
Luke Potbury
Luke Potbury Pred 5 dnevi
what a miserable world it would be if your never allowed to grow as a person.
Seriinnoo Pred 5 dnevi
Kids these days don't have a backbone.
Stanlin Aquino
Stanlin Aquino Pred 5 dnevi
It’s really upsetting how soft the world has gotten
Mr Beast 14
Mr Beast 14 Pred 5 dnevi
Keemstar ur fukin biased
Scarlet Serena
Scarlet Serena Pred 5 dnevi
Normalize content creators just saying "fuck you" to someone trying to cancel them over something "offensive." The internet is not a warm cuddly place in which everyone will like everything someone does or says. You're going to not like someone at one point or another, and nobody fucking cares. Watch something else. I know if I were a content creator I would be tired of walking on glass all the time in order to keep my "fanbase."
Canukistanian Pred 6 dnevi
Ice definitely fostered and helped grow one of the most toxic online communities of the last few years. But it is ridiculous to not offer people a path to redemption. I dont really keep up with what Ice is doing these days, but if he admits his wrongs, and has been working on himself, we should be helping that, not continuously throwing his past in his face.
ф к
ф к Pred 6 dnevi
2:26 isis changed
Bleach Clorox
Bleach Clorox Pred 6 dnevi
Buhu poor kiddies feel insulted by everything.
Xx_BABYRAE10 _xX Pred 6 dnevi
Can you just stop this is just mess up your just makeing more drama
Kingquinde Pred 5 dnevi
Wdym stop it’s his job to do it
Pred 6 dnevi
seans small corner
seans small corner Pred 6 dnevi
Why are u racist
You piece of shit
You piece of shit Pred 6 dnevi
Because yes
Ryan Richards
Ryan Richards Pred 6 dnevi
Why is Karl the Squeaky Voice teen from the Simpsons?
Aito PK feat. Bronem
This is so fucked up about USA and Hollywood bullshit where ppl can cancel every1 who talks stuff what CAN'T SAY???? What about FREEDOM OF SPEECH???? ffs you and your country are SO FUCKED UP! Greetings from Finland! Damn you guys.....
Calmgoodfire Pred 5 dnevi
Bet you didn’t like the winners of WW2 huh
imetri Pred 6 dnevi
Honestly the mcyt community is so shit lmfao. Same thing happened to Technoblade, guy made some jokes back in 2017 and ppl fucking doxxed him. unreal man
VL Rune
VL Rune Pred 6 dnevi
i love karl, but this is textbook cowardice. i don't blame him though, the twitter haters are just crazy and I know it can be scary.
Toxic WolfxeZer0
Toxic WolfxeZer0 Pred 6 dnevi
I love how you just showed how Karl did everything wrong here. Why don’t you show the people that are brutally harassing Karl for “ruining MrBeast”?
ddaniel Pred 6 dnevi
We need a separate app for youtube, a normal youtube, and a crazy youtube.
The Bruh
The Bruh Pred 7 dnevi
Funny how the MC Dream Smp stans are people trying to "keep the world peaceful" when they go on twitter, send death threats to people who disagree that dream is bad, people who make dark humor jokes, get mad over the SLIGHTEST things.
Jacob K
Jacob K Pred 7 dnevi
You gonna cancel dead people next 😂😂😂
Stacy McCabe
Stacy McCabe Pred 6 dnevi
@Agent 666 probably
Agent 666
Agent 666 Pred 6 dnevi
@Stacy McCabe lol. Next who Hitler 😂
Stacy McCabe
Stacy McCabe Pred 6 dnevi
@Jacob K Genghis Khan
Jacob K
Jacob K Pred 6 dnevi
@Stacy McCabe fr who
Stacy McCabe
Stacy McCabe Pred 7 dnevi
They already canceled a dead person
TENI Pred 7 dnevi
This is dumb twitter is dumb
Norma Rivas
Norma Rivas Pred 7 dnevi
Hi keemstar ☺
Adrian G
Adrian G Pred 7 dnevi
I want to apologize....... to absolutely fucking no one.
Scarlet Serena
Scarlet Serena Pred 5 dnevi
Normalize making apology videos like this
Beakr Customs
Beakr Customs Pred 7 dnevi
No offence to the dream SMP or any Minecraft youtubers at all believe me I love em, but some of their fans toxic and stupid asf no cap
dinnerplaza Pred 7 dnevi
Matiss Meirans
Matiss Meirans Pred 7 dnevi
Cant whait for you to get canceled
cryptic Pred 7 dnevi
Honestly cancel culture made Twitter a joke I only follow 2 accounts now and don’t comment/reply or else it’s inevitable someone will argue with you 😂
skzy Pred 7 dnevi
"i made out with many dudes" Das a good one 😂
Pan Cake
Pan Cake Pred 7 dnevi
I can't...Where did the internet sanity go
Jovahny Carranza
Jovahny Carranza Pred 7 dnevi
I think he wrote his apology what is he looking at😂😂
Daniel Amoros
Daniel Amoros Pred 7 dnevi
Ngl karl kinda ruined me beast
Gandbadraa Badraa
Gandbadraa Badraa Pred 7 dnevi
Does people have no lives these days. I have no idea how people come up with these cancel things.
Lazy Pred 7 dnevi
Cancel culture is a joke
Fahad Vahid
Fahad Vahid Pred 7 dnevi
I swear to god, theres absolutely nothing shitter in the online community than this crap. Like really...screw cancel culture. Dissapointing. Its like the twitter pricks asking the police to resign their job cause they got everything under control. I never watched ice but i heard of the bad things he did and when i heard he was getting reformed i was happy for him. I swear this cancel culture is just sad. Your gonna let a baby which just got off the womb lie about their age on Twitter so they can decide which creator will they cancel today.
Sam Pred 7 dnevi
Karl is a coward that knows the moment he goes against his fandom's dog leash, he will be trashed even more than the people his fans have been cancelling. Dream, Tommyinnit, etc these guys not standing up against their community is just disgusting.
Kevin Pred 7 dnevi
yo, karl seems like a stand up guy, ice is a fucking scum bag...its real..keem dont fucking stand up for dude
KRONIX Pred 7 dnevi
Karl deserve it
Stacy McCabe
Stacy McCabe Pred 7 dnevi
@Peanut Buttrr cause he threw people under the bus
Peanut Buttrr
Peanut Buttrr Pred 7 dnevi
BlueCrush Pred 7 dnevi
I lost faith in humanity 😭:(((((((
Yngkdnited Pred 7 dnevi
All of this happened because cancel culture wanted to put a content creator on the spotlight for doing something bad a long time ago
12412303 12344
12412303 12344 Pred 7 dnevi
Paul denino needs to get unbanned on twitch so that the leeches that talked down on his name after making a career off his name and being handed thousands of viewers kiss up to him again
I eat cheese
I eat cheese Pred 7 dnevi
Why are people doing this while people like the person who made fun of a cancer patient and a hatch youtuber says cancer doesn’t exist
loveandempower Pred 7 dnevi
keem smiling so hard at his leeway into the interview lol
Matt Graham
Matt Graham Pred 7 dnevi
his apology is warranted. If he felt like you are at least known for being a toxic streamer, and he sniped you, it shows he supports you.. and yes he just has to please a lot of his fans, but he honestly felt that way.. he is sorry for supporting a toxic creator and no longer wishes to be associated with such. Stop trying to fault him because you have been "cancelled"
Shikiro PW
Shikiro PW Pred 7 dnevi
He din't say the fact that I've Poseidon changed
Shikiro PW
Shikiro PW Pred 7 dnevi
He literally created a witch hunt for saying sorry for him watching a popular streamer
CCedric GGlenna
CCedric GGlenna Pred 7 dnevi
dude never seen you befor but i love it im going to sub
Lazycatdog Pred 7 dnevi
Let’s cancel cancel culture
dreamsof beingaperson
This Karl guy is a tool bag
Salinascali 200
Salinascali 200 Pred 7 dnevi
I’m confused what’s going on with Karl?
Lenny Camacho
Lenny Camacho Pred 8 dnevi
the fact that his apology was just looking at his computer and not even making eye contact with the camera and laughing about it makes me think that he wasn't taking it seriously and had a script for this
Fox Pred 8 dnevi
Karl Jacobs is still a child. Hes young and not sure what to do. He only wants people to be happy and he doesnt know how to handle backlash. Dont get me wrong, Karl Jacobs is such a wonderful person, but he doesnt know how to handle these things yet. Ice Poseidon has definitely changed and that should have been said. Karl Jacobs is a wonderful person, but hes still new to the streamer community and doesnt understand that the fans do not control him. Neither of them did anything wrong. This "cancel culture" bs is so annoying.
Ayden Hoffman
Ayden Hoffman Pred 8 dnevi
I hate Karl so much, he ruined mr beast
Turk Pred 8 dnevi
I just wanna say one thing , I HATE MY GENERATIONS ...
Extremely Salty Player
Let's cancel DramaAlert because I don't like his popcorn
Moni B
Moni B Pred 8 dnevi
Loved Ice then Love Ice now Dude... I am a r!de or d!e beyotch!!! Edit Yes Karl Jacobs is a pathetic coward... His apology disgusted me... Totally absurd... 👎
Yusuf Gazi
Yusuf Gazi Pred 8 dnevi
Man like Ice Poseidon
Sammy Sosa
Sammy Sosa Pred 8 dnevi
Keem contributes to cancel culture continuously! Has no one noticed this?
Miguel Lopez
Miguel Lopez Pred 8 dnevi
Broooo Karl can never win in any situation and it fucking sucks. Like what could he have done that would’ve helped both parties? I mean I get that the idiots that harassed Ice Poseidon deserve to not be on the internet but you can’t just call someone a coward because he was trying to explain things and clear his own name
WOAHTHERE Pred 8 dnevi
Gotta be honest, I kinda feel bad for Karl. Like imagine being “canceled” over something like that? I cant think of a more stupid reason in all of cancel culture history someone’s been “canceled” over. Seems like a genuine dude too but is probably always on edge with a fanbase like that. must suck to have to deal with. If you’re apart of his fanbase DO BETTER.
Jay_Icy_Demon moonstone
so... to sum this up for the whole video its just by basically guilt by association 😒 this is why I don't support twitter as a platform and why twitter its self should be CANCELED. Serious twitter should take some accountability for it users toxic behavior for trying to weaponize Cancel culture for themselves in order to make themselves look good. Because we are still! in the mist of global pandemic where people are Losing jobs and people are having struggles with their mental health. it grosses me out that twitter users are weaponizing Cancel culture to suit their agenda. This is one of the many reasons we cant support Cancel culture
Penguin Pred 8 dnevi
"ive made out with a lot of dudes"
Penguin Pred 7 dnevi
@Foxytheninja31 he’s da imposta
Stacy McCabe
Stacy McCabe Pred 7 dnevi
Foxytheninja31 Pred 8 dnevi
Hagen Shell
Hagen Shell Pred 8 dnevi
Dude nobody cares legit nobody cares this is one of the worst drama alert videos I’ve seen in a while
KapX Kai
KapX Kai Pred 8 dnevi
Do you know what I like about this channel it’s the news but it’s stirring the pot news ygm I don’t know how he does it with a straight face tho
Julia McW
Julia McW Pred 8 dnevi
Not even a fan of Ice Poseidon but Karl Jacobs was a massive BITCH for doing this!
Cleetus Beaverfield
Cleetus Beaverfield Pred 8 dnevi
This guy is a clown. Keemstar is a joke
Cleetus Beaverfield
Cleetus Beaverfield Pred 7 dnevi
More like steam car with his useless noise.
Cleetus Beaverfield
Cleetus Beaverfield Pred 7 dnevi
Lmao it’s an ass backwards world. But I’m glad I’m not this guy who wears his own asshole for a helmet.
Foxytheninja31 Pred 8 dnevi
Foxytheninja31 Pred 8 dnevi
No u
Connorshark Pred 8 dnevi
More stuff about children on twitter. I love the internet.
Dankest Mangoo
Dankest Mangoo Pred 8 dnevi
Who else is done with this cancel culture bs 🙋‍♂️just lil kids that dunno what theyre doin 🤷‍♂️😂
jjarrah_10 Pred 8 dnevi
Neritic Pred 8 dnevi
hi keemstar i hate u called wings fat
Tyler Green
Tyler Green Pred 8 dnevi
can you please put time stamps in your videos please
J doengesss
J doengesss Pred 8 dnevi
toast definitely saw this shit and fought back
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