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23. mar. 2021

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xxTopTigerxx Pred 9 dnevi
Wow man well said at toward the end Keemstar.
Buffy Summers
Buffy Summers Pred 18 dnevi
It’s not about taking material things away from David it’s about making sure he doesn’t attempt to get away with more actions that directly hurt other people particularly when they are done specifically to benefit him
Buffy Summers
Buffy Summers Pred 18 dnevi
No one is owed a platform on SLtv
Buffy Summers
Buffy Summers Pred 18 dnevi
Literally the more I want from him is to never hurt and disregard people and their needs for his career or his ego ever again
SpookyBur Pred 19 dnevi
Thank you for saying something. When I saw your livestream reaction to him cutting when he started crying. You said why would you do that? Don’t cut it there. He cut it there because the internet is relentless. I hope David can come back from this he’s not a bad guy and he doesn’t deserve this.
Nina Natividad
Nina Natividad Pred 21 dnevom
I totally agree. I think David made terrible mistakes, but he has always tried to put a lot of good out into the world.
KD iary
KD iary Pred 22 dnevi
Yes deplatforming is what we need here. He only did that video because he lost the sponsors if that did not happen he would still be ignoring the problem. He is done.
KD iary
KD iary Pred 19 dnevi
@SpookyBur the same rules does not apply to people in the public eye. Firstly and secondly the only thing we see here is someone that is in favor or Sexual Assault I bet when you saw and let your friend sexual assault a woman or a guy you would definitely forgive them because they made a mistake? I don't think like that sexual assault and rape of any kind is unforgettable. And enablers that do nothing are just as bad. Good luck with you big minded life were sexual assault is ok. I would not want to be on your shoes.
SpookyBur Pred 19 dnevi
That’s hateful, small minded, and pathetic. I’m ashamed on your behalf. I hope that when you make mistakes people forgive you because clearly no one up to this point in your life has loved you or shown you any compassion or mercy. I feel sorry for you.
CringeContentGaming Pred 23 dnevi
Faze Jarvis is gonna use aim bot again in this fight 😂
xXClutchXx Pred 25 dnevi
Lol kids now and days wouldn’t have survived on a Xbox 360 live party
Happnin Troops
Happnin Troops Pred mesecem
What did David dobrik do
jane matete
jane matete Pred mesecem
He's taken accountability sure, but have the victims to his wtong doing forgiven him. Imagine if those wete ur nieces, sisters, aunts? Influencer or not, he should be doing time.
Eugene Pred mesecem
You’re so easily manipulated 😂
Agency Guard
Agency Guard Pred mesecem
This generation is just too sensitive
Elma Louw
Elma Louw Pred mesecem
Where was your understanding when Logan took responsibility and lost everything???? You just kept kicking when he was down.
Chey Beauty
Chey Beauty Pred mesecem
It's not the drama channels or any of our place to accept the apology, it's for the victims and people hurt by his actions. People do so much worse and get far less repercussion. I'm not even a fan of David, you mfs need to back up. Your down with someone while their up, but as soon as they make a mistake you switch up and follow the cancel culture crowd. Y'all suck fr.
Chey Beauty
Chey Beauty Pred mesecem
I wouldn't want any fake ass fans like that he's better off without them.
chief 1 redwolf
chief 1 redwolf Pred mesecem
The whole world is set up to show Consequences for doing wrong. All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. The wages of sin is death but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. We must be willing to turn from sin and to believe the Gospel, to receive Jesus forgiveness Mark 1:15 He who does the will of God 📖 abides for eternity 1st John 2:17 Visual Bible movies on SLtv, Matthew, Acts, Luke, John !!! 🙏💙🙏💙🙏💙🙏💙
BosleyBeats Pred mesecem
Still too early to do cons irl. Next year would be better
Cailena Pred mesecem
segpasta Pred mesecem
LOL a millionaire losing his multi million dollar company and multi million dollar sponsorship contracts? LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO back to being a regular citizen I guess? LMFAOOO xDDD
Shiro Nekoshi
Shiro Nekoshi Pred mesecem
I really admire keem's reform. He's always been craving drama, but now he's finding it rather than creating it! Nice job, dude!
Shiro Nekoshi
Shiro Nekoshi Pred mesecem
I'm lowkey craving it too, so here I am! ... Lol
Hardcoore_G YT
Hardcoore_G YT Pred mesecem
I stayed away from SLtv drama and come back to Valkyrie getting canceled this is y our generation is seen as soft
devllnevllwolf OG
devllnevllwolf OG Pred mesecem
this is what I’ve been trying to say, ALL MY WORDS WAS EXPECT SAME AS YOURS! you’re %1000000 right about everything you said in this video
devllnevllwolf OG
devllnevllwolf OG Pred mesecem
best fucking speech !
Humble Clamp
Humble Clamp Pred mesecem
at the end of the video i felt like my dad was having a talk with me for something i did
road 2 goat
road 2 goat Pred mesecem
4:00 i am 18 and i dont get it either keem....
M i d n i g h t
M i d n i g h t Pred mesecem
Its not david thats bad i mean atleast he didnt do but its not him its just the toxic Community these days u cant really do anything good on here cause they will always judge you
an opinion
an opinion Pred mesecem
Jealous people, get a life .
b o
b o Pred mesecem
damn this old guy spittin
DefatGames Pred mesecem
Keemstar I love you for spitting straight facts and sticking up for people who deserve it. The past couple years you've grown alot and been the person you can rely on for accurate news. You get the scoop and keep us in the loop your past is the past and what matters is what you've been doing since.
Shadows24 Pred mesecem
All these drama channels and tea channels are bullshit except drama alert sometimes 😅
Prismic_Puma_101 Pred mesecem
Bro is this just me or does The last part sound like a bible verse
ofleeky 2
ofleeky 2 Pred mesecem
So,vidcon is happening,but schools arent opening?that's great
Stinson Steve
Stinson Steve Pred mesecem
When are these fights even gunna happen 20never lmao
DriedCarrion Pred mesecem
Why does everyone want to cancel David he literally did so many good things for so many people. He uses his fame to help others in need which is for me personally one of the best things a youtuber can do. And seet geek got most of their recognition from David and they literally left him like how does that work. Why not cancel Dom the same way you cancelled David because Dom is the one who actually did these bad things not David. He also saved many lives just by posting so frequently I was warching his videos for 4-5 hours straight just to lighten up my day. Words can not describe the disappointment.
Alvaro Briones
Alvaro Briones Pred mesecem
I’m sorry ms Jackson ooh I am for real I never meant to make you down to cry I apologize a trillion times 💝💝
Courtney Coleman
Courtney Coleman Pred mesecem
The apology is insincere because it took him losing everything to realize how many people he’s effected. When you’re shoved in a corner and asked to say sorry we all know why you’re saying sorry. You just want to get out of a trap. He’s had AGES to speak up. He’s had ages to mature. Not everyone’s been a David Dobrik fan, a lot of us have seen his true colors for years (the way he treats basically every single woman that’s ever been in his vlogs)
Travis Tchokotieu
Travis Tchokotieu Pred mesecem
beuh keem ur old af
Ken Kaneki
Ken Kaneki Pred mesecem
Joe bartolozzi needs to be on the tik tok team lmao
Tj Fast
Tj Fast Pred mesecem
Jake Paul and Harry look just alike in the side by side photo keem put up 😂
Richard Oyedeji
Richard Oyedeji Pred mesecem
Hmm tell'm keem preach
theoriginallooter Pred mesecem
These guys won't last a second in my mw2 lobby
YourPalFynn Pred mesecem
I mean David needs to learn that what he did was wrong. But finding more reasons to ruin his life and career is probably the most worst thing you can do.
NoobDestroyer69 Ortega
Winter is over but I still see snowflakes everywhere 🥱🥱
Faisal Alrayes
Faisal Alrayes Pred mesecem
But did david buy the alcohol ??? Cause nobody is saying who bought it not erin and carly not jeff not david then who bought it literally every member of the vlogsquad that did come out and spoke about the situation just said that they feel bad for the women that got SA they didn’t speak about what actually happened. It’s confusing.
Sakura_Aura Pred mesecem
Unlabled Nonbinary Here, Ngl I don't get how Valk got hate since a lot of the lgbtqia+ community says stuff like "oh i wish i wasn't attracted to guys" or "Oh i wish i was straight" so how is it offensive for a straight person to do it? Istg some people are soft
Joseph Biden III
Joseph Biden III Pred mesecem
SMH this world so soft🤦‍♂️
saran slpk
saran slpk Pred mesecem
You should be canceled because that’s not what you said to Logan Paul I’m sure you’re paid for this video
margarita Pred mesecem
im very intrigued on your thoughts about david dobrik and would like to hear more
fxrnii Pred mesecem
Tanner should box faze rug . Who else thinks he should
Moises Reyna
Moises Reyna Pred mesecem
are you a bot? or a real person
Damian E'Silva
Damian E'Silva Pred mesecem
I respect this a lot someone had to say it
Bryan Sanchez
Bryan Sanchez Pred mesecem
If Ksi was in one of the fights that would be considered bullying
sunchild -
sunchild - Pred mesecem
um but don’t you find it sus he ONLY made that video rightttt AFTERRRR (the literal same/ next day) he publicly lost all those sponsorships???? i bet anything that if he didn’t publicly lose those sponsorships... there wouldn’t be that video. i bet anything dude. i can feel it in me bonessssss. smh
Pcgamer01 Pred mesecem
Kem - destroyed jake and logan even after apology videos ------> kem at the same time saying this lol
vi3ws love
vi3ws love Pred mesecem
He needs jail time just like every other youtube that does inappropriate actions towards females
vi3ws love
vi3ws love Pred mesecem
You need subtitles
Nicole Andruchow
Nicole Andruchow Pred mesecem
honestly everyone who was there and allowed the vlog squad incident to happen owes an apology because like just being there and allowing that to happen is disgusting
ItsBrettFoo Pred mesecem
What did David do?
rhuscut3.5 Pred mesecem
What about jake paul 🤔
LOCO GAMING Pred mesecem
People are just retarded I swear
Juan Benavente
Juan Benavente Pred mesecem
Look, I don’t like David at all. His goofiness is just so dam annoying for a grown ass man. But, Keem is not wrong. Everyone makes mistakes.
Ruben the Unicorn
Ruben the Unicorn Pred mesecem
This is the only keem star video I agree with
Studmuffin Pred mesecem
We don't listen to predators or their "apologies"
Rinas Ali
Rinas Ali Pred mesecem
Well said ❤
Pablo Serrano
Pablo Serrano Pred mesecem
Keem being real here!! I hope people stop with the mob against David
gren Pred mesecem
everyones just mad because he didnt release this video first. i understand him a bit more now after this video.
Chris123 Pred mesecem
Why would anyone want to be gay
Lawrence Waterhouse
Lawrence Waterhouse Pred mesecem
Who actually watches this
Construction Kronies
I believe David 100% not a single doubt in my mind.
MS KHAAL Pred mesecem
Pls remove the red fkn bar under ur thumbnails it pisses me the fk offffffff
Rebecca Lif
Rebecca Lif Pred mesecem
12:05 I am so (not) proud of this community
SoFly Win
SoFly Win Pred mesecem
Watch if David falls into depression and suicide the channels that wanted him cancel will post a “sincere” apology....
MjTHAGOD23 Pred mesecem
The world is too sensitive what they did to David Dobrik is proof
Crimson Axes
Crimson Axes Pred mesecem
BRUHHH the music disappears and the words hit harder dude jesus.
Leon Das
Leon Das Pred mesecem
Eren Kocadag
Eren Kocadag Pred mesecem
I just love the beard
Abdur Mo
Abdur Mo Pred mesecem
How much has David paid u😂😂
Jamie Nagy
Jamie Nagy Pred mesecem
I don't like David Dobrik in any way but amen keem. Everyone makes mistakes
Gladiator KING
Gladiator KING Pred mesecem
Valkyraye should just be bi then
Parthxus Pred mesecem
2:48 the thumbnail 😂😭💀
C9_Beast Pred mesecem
Ye boii
Tyson Walker
Tyson Walker Pred mesecem
Iyonaaa1 Pred mesecem
We should put ricegum n the ring tbh
NastyLeo 13
NastyLeo 13 Pred mesecem
cant wait till the danny duncon fight
John Hagner
John Hagner Pred mesecem
Mistake? He initiated a rape, he made money off of it. The video shows him joking about going to jail, he knew when it happened. He didn’t forget to file taxes or something stupid. He helped his friend get a girl drunk and get raped. He donates cars to his friends and gives to charity so it’s cool for him to make money off of a devastating crime, Harvey Weinstein got a lot of people a lot of roles in movies.... but hey his video will be hard to dispute in a criminal trail, if there is one
Samsung Fridge
Samsung Fridge Pred mesecem
This world had gotten so soft some how like it’s so dumb
L0ilty Pred mesecem
Keem is so bipolar with this story. David literally posted a video after his friend R@#$ed someone. Watching someone get R**ED IS NOT S FKN MISTAKE.
rayzablayde Pred mesecem
Stop defending pricks mate. Simple. Stay cancelled.
Ivett Edits
Ivett Edits Pred mesecem
I understand why we should give David a chance. He took accountability, he said he was sorry, ect. But come on, it paints a bad picture on him that he said all those sincere things AFTER he lost everything. After he lost his brand deals and stuff. I feel like, if his 2nd apology would have been his first then people wouldn’t be so upset.
Hargun Deol
Hargun Deol Pred mesecem
jakes gonna deck him out
Sam Kerr
Sam Kerr Pred mesecem
10:28 YES!!!
Thomas _ TK
Thomas _ TK Pred mesecem
Don't get me wrong it was a good apology video
T7machinimas Pred mesecem
It only took David losing all his sponsors for him to make a "genuine" apology. I hope he loses everything.
Quackmare Pred mesecem
He already has.
Cryptic Cyclone
Cryptic Cyclone Pred mesecem
Ok so what if David has lost everything. He wasn't sincere. Why do we need to acknowledge that he took accountability in the last hour. doing good for other doesn't cancel out the aweful thing he was a part of. The logic is flaw. I think people will be satisfied if charges were filed 🤷‍♀️ and accountability took place in a court room. Such is the way with these sort of actions.
mxnaaa Pred mesecem
Keemstar, apologise for mocking the dead you fucking sicko.
Mike Altman
Mike Altman Pred mesecem
Bruce hall cheated. She can be as petty as she damn well pleases 🤷🏼‍♂️
Rawbishow TV
Rawbishow TV Pred mesecem
this new generation is softer than my schlong is a ice tub
Momthemeetloaf 19
Momthemeetloaf 19 Pred mesecem
David has a bunch of far left woke 12 year old girls on his head right now.
JRY Pred mesecem
I honestly really like that he turned off the news music and just spit at the end. Makes it feel more real and not just another show on the platform.
LEELEE_666 D Pred mesecem
Didn't a girl get RAPED?
Meet Shah
Meet Shah Pred mesecem
Ya but it was dom not David.
Jake Stewart
Jake Stewart Pred mesecem
Amazing video keem good speech at the end of it👍
Lehat Pred mesecem
sooo Fans are Stans now??
WaterSpark Pred mesecem
Fuck yea keem!!
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