KSI says SORRY after Minecraft kids CANCEL HIM! - David Dobrik HATE MOB Explained! 

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9. mar. 2021

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absolut Pred 2 meseci
I don’t even care about the drama I just like to hear keems takes on it
dotCroc Pred 8 dnevi
@Tarin MW yes buddy
iconic_Dawg Pred mesecem
@Self Proclaimed God L
Ibukun lijadu
Ibukun lijadu Pred mesecem
That’s not weird at all👀
vivian heyman
vivian heyman Pred mesecem
@Peterthesneakybastard hahaha agreed
@vivian heyman Same. Anyone that looks to Keem for wisdom needs help lol
thestinefilm Pred 5 dnevi
I agreed with you on David part H3 is the big issue
Maddog Basil
Maddog Basil Pred 12 dnevi
4:34 Lazarbeam = Kano from mortal kombat Who else is seeing the similarities Both got scarred Both are Australian Both love lazarbeams
Bruno Pred 13 dnevi
How is a damn kiss ra*e lol
DKsaNn Kat
DKsaNn Kat Pred 21 dnevom
Why is ksi apologizing?! Calling a trans a woman is a slur? Smh please! So dumb 🤦‍♂️👎
DKsaNn Kat
DKsaNn Kat Pred 21 dnevom
@keemstar For once, I actually agree with you here. Seth encouraged for this and didn't say it was a problem. So the fact he's trying to play the victim is kinda pathetic. I'm defending David and keem on this one 👍
ZeefanPlayz Pred 25 dnevi
ksi isnt gonna get cancelled trust if you dont understand let me roleplay it for you cancelers:moving to r/ksi to cancel him r/ksi and his fans: *GET DOWNVOTED,FUCK OFF,SHUT UP* another one cancelers:were gonna cancle jj haha us/ksi fans:ok.......? were gonna just *reply with the most toxic reply avalaible and you guys are gonna cry to your mama*
Tru Moo
Tru Moo Pred 26 dnevi
i have no clue what is S-A
Jonathan Loja
Jonathan Loja Pred mesecem
Scoop loop is so classic
Shonen Shogun
Shonen Shogun Pred mesecem
Why does trisha look like a blob fish
JayValentin0 Pred mesecem
5:50 David
Im Jack
Im Jack Pred mesecem
I always have to watch ur intro twice just because of how you say the intro it’s just so amazing I don’t know why I have to watch it twice but I just do I have to
Aaron Lerma
Aaron Lerma Pred mesecem
What does sa mean
Jose D
Jose D Pred mesecem
Shii. 6ix9ine making fun of Lil nas cause he is gay is dumb. He probably dropped the soap in jail ON PURPOSE.
Stmp275 Pred mesecem
H3 is shite all they do is talk bolloxs
Juli Simonyan
Juli Simonyan Pred mesecem
Bruh I missed like 3 videos from KSI and now I find out that he’s got a war with Minecraft kids 💀💀💀 202111 wtfffff
Jovanni Aparicio
Jovanni Aparicio Pred mesecem
Bror Steengaard Olesen
Nils Christian Halvorsen
hahahahahah the last tweet from ksi made laugh loud
Nils Christian Halvorsen
i absolutely agree with you on the vlogsquad stuff
Mayra Trujillo
Mayra Trujillo Pred mesecem
You cant give consent then take it back 4 years later because you no longer talk to those people. Make it make sense
Hios Gamer
Hios Gamer Pred mesecem
No one in the UK cares about all these cancel culture nonsense
Christian Le
Christian Le Pred mesecem
"Troublernation" thats what i hear him saying everytime
LittleKing Pred mesecem
Keemstar is always right because he use his own head and doesn't think like child
Bladness Pred mesecem
Trisha sinking trying to float but she to fat
Sofian Faria
Sofian Faria Pred mesecem
Peopel are so overdramatic like dam , this why people can’t have fun🤦‍♂️
Georgia Chalinger
Georgia Chalinger Pred mesecem
It's very hard to know what to do when SA or R happens, it is scary, embarrassing and you can never ever give permission. It is easy to go back when you are trapped and when you trust or love someone (even if it's friendship). It takes time to realize what happened and that's when the healing starts. Doesn't matter if this happens to a Man a woman ect This is Not okay!
Smh that bs the kissing prank was obviously not a problem so why tf he gonna ask like he don’t remember asking for clout
Luke DeTerra
Luke DeTerra Pred mesecem
ppl r so sensitive i don’t even give a shit about ksi but who gives a fuck she is a chick anyways it’s not like he was purposely disrespecting her to her face
Shadow Apr
Shadow Apr Pred mesecem
Mad people are soft nowadays… 2021 has some stupid ass emotional ass people that can’t take a joke. They like to cancel people for having their own opinion on somethings 🤦🏻‍♂️
3 Qz
3 Qz Pred mesecem
This is why I hate the lgbt community lmao They want the world to be a better place yet not realizing that they're a part of the problem
Shannon_Walker Pred mesecem
What about the girl that was actually assaulted?
Deck 24
Deck 24 Pred mesecem
Idc about the drama, I just like the sound of Keems voice
TheEggWaffle Pred mesecem
Let’s go bois, Lazarbeam finally made it into Drama alert!
Aashish Sharma
Aashish Sharma Pred mesecem
people are waaay intolerant now a days bruhh and that's about it! the whole gen-z is depressed and sad and pathetic... I would love to see their average life span!
Ur bad at the game get good 1
Mic up it’s google mets
Comments Crusader
Comments Crusader Pred mesecem
How did concerned Trisha leave those young underage girls in such a dangerous and vulnerable situation? ??????
prettyboyycriss Pred mesecem
What is SA
Kyle Murray
Kyle Murray Pred mesecem
KSI is funny af😂😭 The world is so sensitive just move on😂
JUMPHIM Pred 22 dnevi
Jaaziel Pred mesecem
The “Fuck jake paul though” lmao
Kento Sen
Kento Sen Pred mesecem
why do keems video get so much hate, all the dude does is report what's been going on
G.O.A.T Status
G.O.A.T Status Pred mesecem
Mfs are too soft these days🤦🏽‍♂️
JTG Pred mesecem
Minecraft has become to powerful
What is 'SA'?
Frijoles Ricos
Frijoles Ricos Pred mesecem
6ixnine restricted lil nas x account,that's why it appears like "accept messages from" ik cuz I tried it before
Gamer Guy
Gamer Guy Pred mesecem
What’s SA someone explain
BigChubz Pred mesecem
David did nothing wrong, if u Wan a join the vlog squad EXPECT THE WORST!
BigotGaming Pred mesecem
remove random crits
SOSIG Pred mesecem
hello anakin yes kill the minecraft kids
Ne Bur
Ne Bur Pred mesecem
Clout’s a helluva drug 🗣
Gerson Gálvez
Gerson Gálvez Pred mesecem
H3H3 is cancer lol
Hank Shepherd
Hank Shepherd Pred mesecem
KSI is right tho. It is a chick lol
Acrimonious Fez
Acrimonious Fez Pred mesecem
august 14 2010
Anthony Briones
Anthony Briones Pred mesecem
Half of the these young kids on SLtv don’t know what Jackass is 😂 they get hurt over everything even if it don’t involve them
Sherblato Pred mesecem
Logan even called it
lion9047 Pred mesecem
What does he mean with SA?
Jose Pred mesecem
How you go to Mexico and still do them dirty over there?
Caleb Blackburn
Caleb Blackburn Pred mesecem
I hate everything about your content you remind me of the kid in school that gets in everyone’s business spreading half the truth to get a rise from people you are CRINGE
KradfulPride Pred mesecem
Thank god I saw this. Now it’s confirmed that Seth is just trying to be viral again by using David
Bryce Sobieski
Bryce Sobieski Pred mesecem
People are so fucking soft.
wedd aiden
wedd aiden Pred mesecem
no one cancels the fat neek
Revolzy Pred mesecem
KSI shouldn't have apologized, he said a joke, oh sorry I forgot jokes aren't allowed anymore
Awesomus Prime
Awesomus Prime Pred mesecem
Omg... everyone from the vlog squad is apologizing...
Nicholai Yrigollen
Nicholai Yrigollen Pred mesecem
Dam I should really go to bed
Nicholai Yrigollen
Nicholai Yrigollen Pred mesecem
Dude that recording is pretty annoying to listen to because of her white a$$ voice........ and I’m Caucasian!!!!!
Eliyahu Pred mesecem
Yeah!!! David is innocent!!!!
juan patino
juan patino Pred mesecem
just subbed how is the community ?
Tbone702 Pred mesecem
Omg finally someone with some fucken sense. Keemstar i agree with you 100 percent. Finally someone with a brain
Lane Roach
Lane Roach Pred mesecem
u physically cannot be cancelled, i strive to be like you DJ Killer Keemstar
NickMortuus Pred mesecem
Do you like my sword, sword, sword?
Discreet Ninja
Discreet Ninja Pred mesecem
Catherine Margaret
Catherine Margaret Pred mesecem
And now you’re on the cancel David train, huh.
the Pred mesecem
People are pussies now a days. Come on seth you gave consent. Dont be ashamed you're a gay man.
TTV bigdaddyftw
TTV bigdaddyftw Pred mesecem
Imagine trying to cancel someone for not asking someone for consent to prank them
Psycho Pred mesecem
Just cancel Trisha she anoying getting in peoples business for money and clout but she ain’t anyone without them
Owen Brew
Owen Brew Pred mesecem
david dobrick more like messed up af!
MichellePieon Pred mesecem
Trisha and Ethan are not trying to cancel David. 🙄 David is problematic and Trisha had a lot of trauma with the group. Seth was SA. It needs attention especially because people do not take SA against men serious. Scotty is an idiot because he has no idea how Seth feels. If Seth does not feel good about it and is traumatized because of it we are not allowed to tell him that he cannot feel that way. You need to understand how trauma and SA works. If you were SA and had to process that you would understand.
Katie Milillo
Katie Milillo Pred mesecem
Seth knew it was Jason! Look how tall Jason is and his body type as well as his hands. You can tell it was a man from the beginning! Seth is a liar and wanted more! Trisha and Jeffrey starr need to be cancelled forever! All of us viewers have been waiting!
Egghead Pred mesecem
Lmao these tommy innit fans really needs to piss off and never search KSI or sidemen in their SLtv browsers
KingJando Pred mesecem
He knew what he was getting into why would he try to make it seem bad ? Come on know
Issie Hernandez
Issie Hernandez Pred mesecem
What does SA mean
xD Pred mesecem
ksi a clown
xD Pred mesecem
hater gonna hate nomatter what honestly dont give a shit abt what other ppl think '' IRRELEVANT "
Trevor Doss
Trevor Doss Pred mesecem
If Jason had pushed Seth against a wall and started aggressively kissing him, that would’ve been SA. But Seth consented to kissing someone with tongue, and in the vid he kissed someone with tongue. Doesn’t matter the person, he consented to the action that took place. And David pulled the same trick on Dom and had him make out with who he thought was a girl, but was a guy. But no one views that one as SA because Dom didn’t make a big deal out of it. The prank was messed up, and I would’ve been pissed, but it was consensual. If you think otherwise, don’t.
andrew rodriguez
andrew rodriguez Pred mesecem
Never seen you defend jake paul like this haha
may01fall Pred mesecem
You can still cross a line when pranking people
Pablo Sebascobar
Pablo Sebascobar Pred mesecem
This diddn't age well. The fact that you as a newsguy dont have the human capacity to spot a toxic environment. Just the fact that you admit yourself that the first seth prank is messed up, but didn't report it just because h3 broke the story.
Jason Broady
Jason Broady Pred mesecem
For once I agree with the biased keem not a fan of dobrik nor do I watch his vids but if his squad is built up on prank videos and there's proof that Seth gives the okay for a 3rd prank for clout to then say he's traumatised by this year's after ..now he's out of the vlog squad is rather convenient. It's like fans need excuses just to hate on people and despite this dobrik still said he made a mistake and said sorry. What I do think tho is dobrik mades this more Sus then it should be by tryna cover this up and have other people speak on his behalf when this could just be a misunderstanding on his part.
DoctorDumbTV Pred mesecem
I hate this soft generation. Can’t make jokes anymore
Lillian Pred mesecem
Keem I agree with you! Seth was literally fine with it and even offered to do it a third time. I don’t get why people are trying to cancel David??? And especially listening to someone as dramatic as Trisha?????
richard allen
richard allen Pred mesecem
He gave consent for the 2nd time
FuxionXD Pred mesecem
Cancel culture it just dumb lol But Logan Paul and the forst shit Thats mess up and should be cancelled But trying to ruin someone career by finding a clip from years ago just to ruin their career like thats just mess up. Scotty was just trying to protect his friend why cant he do that the whole internet is going at David Scotty is hust trying to defend David he should post that video back up. KSI was jusy shock and didnt even know he was a trasgender its a freaking accident people trying to make a big deal out of it is dumb Its the police job not your job Please go back down to your basement and eat your cereal with breastmilk
Jake Pred mesecem
Why can’t we just say the David situation is funny and move on. These internet gen z libtards slowly ruining the world
I can’t stand SBMM
I haven’t watched keemstar in years. My god he’s trying way too hard. It was pretty bad before but this is unwatchable.
Awfu Ali Nazim
Awfu Ali Nazim Pred mesecem
David dobrik:*laughs* Trisha:he's laughing at disabled people
jeze rami
jeze rami Pred mesecem
Wow. This David story really aged didn't it? Hope maybe now you rethink what you said and pardoned as all these "allegations" (not allegations sexual assault happened and was fucking filmed.) are coming to light. I have barely recently started to support you but your blatant leniency on this subject has made me so sad that you think seth cannot revoke consent, even if he "requested" it again for "clout". You have put out into the world more victim blaming content. I honestly don't know how to continue to consume your content unless you address this appropriately
n0patience Pred mesecem
I’m getting tired of this transphobic shit
Moses M
Moses M Pred mesecem
Im glad I watched this video because I didnt see scotty's video I found out about this stuff on the 17,I'm on David's side
Pete R
Pete R Pred mesecem
What the hell does S A stand for ??
Driver_ era
Driver_ era Pred mesecem
I feel like everyone is after David is because people are like you should believe the so-called victim even tho there is proof in Scotty video that Seth did encourage the pranks
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