JAKE PAUL Allegations! #DramaAlert - Austin McBroom RAGE (FOOTAGE) Addison Rae vs KPOP STANS! 

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14. apr. 2021

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Zach G
Zach G Pred 27 dnevi
I swear every video just gets better and better
Niamhhh7 Pred 17 dnevi
yikes 😬
Understandable Pred 23 dnevi
You don’t have to lie he’s shit
sameer hereiki
sameer hereiki Pred 24 dnevi
I swear every video just gets worse and worse
J P Pred 25 dnevi
Racism brought to you by keemstar sponsored by g fuel
Backdoor Beaver
Backdoor Beaver Pred 25 dnevi
Imagine genuinely enjoying this shit... so cringe
Ezekiel Rodriguez
Ezekiel Rodriguez Pred 19 urami
FZN_RAIDEN Pred dnevom
Ur by yourself yeah.😂This guy is liggily blind man
XProSparkGG Pred 3 dnevi
Nick should of won that match because he won the first and second round clearly. Austin McBroom probably wanted his brother to win and made nick lose and thats’s how the drama started.
Kayzyart Pred 3 dnevi
I don't like Jay Station at all and do think the guy is a serious clown, but I don't hold any shame against him for not wanting to wear a mask and not taking Covid seriously. Where I live, people hardly wear a mask and hardly any businesses enforce it, despite having signs up. Other major states outside of my state like Texas, Mississippi, Florida and even South Dakota all don't have a mask mandate with no restrictions on businesses and are seeing cases drop significantly while the states with the strictest lockdowns and mandates are seeing a rise in cases. Even the data on the official CDC site confirms itself that masks are ineffective and don't do much, but we will never hear a peep out of their mouths and out of the mouths of the mainstream media. Again, I don't like Jay Station at all and don't have any respect for him, but I believe we all need look past him and others who sound crazy and start seeing reality for what it truly is, especially when this circus has continued on for over a year.
The Heart of Serbia
The Heart of Serbia Pred 4 dnevi
If Jake Paul didn't snatch Mayweather's hat he would'nt have posted gotch'o hat.
Sam Finnell
Sam Finnell Pred 4 dnevi
Just curious if your daughter comes to you one day and says she was sexually assaulted are you going to believe her? Or nah?
Tirzah Joy
Tirzah Joy Pred 4 dnevi
How does it feel that when your daughter gets abused, she will not feel safe to come to you for comfort or safety?
Elena Lesage
Elena Lesage Pred 5 dnevi
hey keemstar, just wanted to add you’re not a good person 🥰
bellesmom2012 Pred 6 dnevi
Unbelievable! That a grown man could be so ignorant about something that happens so often & could happen to him or his loved ones!! I guess if he was somehow unable to say "No!" It is not rape, right?
Travis Nayak
Travis Nayak Pred 7 dnevi
that is clout chasing Jake should sue her
cassiopeiavd Pred 7 dnevi
i'm so sorry for the daughter, when she gets in a scary situation (hopefully this never will happen to her) and she tells her dad about it and he only responds: "you just had to say no a close your legs" just imagine the trauma she will have 💩🙈
The Heart of Serbia
The Heart of Serbia Pred 4 dnevi
Who though?????
Chaya-Rose Shepherd
Chaya-Rose Shepherd Pred 8 dnevi
Your take on SA as a dad is disturbing, please educate yourself. If you were the father of this girl I HIGHLY doubt you would have the same opinion.
Lex Parks
Lex Parks Pred 8 dnevi
Just get the fuck off youtube
Lex Parks
Lex Parks Pred 8 dnevi
Your a danger to society
lummi rojes
lummi rojes Pred 9 dnevi
brooke weaver
brooke weaver Pred 9 dnevi
this guy has no idea what it’s like to be a woman these days. sick
The KNG Pred 10 dnevi
When will you stop this shit! You’re not good at it and there are others that do it way better than you
Fana3x Pred 10 dnevi
I really doubt Jake is THAT dumb to assault someone that painted their eyebrows in blue 😂😂
keshaun Pred 10 dnevi
Why wait a whole 2 years
Biebs X
Biebs X Pred 10 dnevi
Apologise to SA victims. Especially Justine. Asshole.
Matty Rae
Matty Rae Pred 11 dnevi
what a waste of a human being.
Peppo Pred 11 dnevi
Shouldn't you be getting rid of people like jake paul to make the world safer for your daughter you have so much influence you always believe the victim because the victim could be your daughter one day.. please think of that you wouldn't tell your daughter "you couldve moved your head"
Peppo Pred 11 dnevi
Paraphrasing the quote but that basically what you said and what is sounded like to everyone
Flawless Unicorn
Flawless Unicorn Pred 12 dnevi
R*pe is never the victims foult, I pity u.
sdheil Pred 12 dnevi
Nick trained for a week and still knocked ryan on his bum, Nick was clearly gassed by 3 round that wasn't supposed to happen, Not only that but 2 beats 1, nick destroyed him for 2 rounds and then slipped in the "third". Austin just came at them angry because he knew that the ireland boys shoulda won obviously.
Helios Pred 12 dnevi
Gnomestar the incel
Alara Stephens
Alara Stephens Pred 13 dnevi
I have to say I was a fan until I saw the video of you claiming you don’t believe the female who is accusing Jake Paul of rape. Must be really easy to think that its so simple to just push someone off of you whos forcing themselves on you. Must be really easy to think that you would know what to do as a female in that situation with someone who has such a high reputation of being manic. I hope that one day your children do not have to suffer, or go through something like this, because their father wouldn’t even believe them without questioning how they could let that happen. Just walk away right?
Camilla Bettig
Camilla Bettig Pred 13 dnevi
you're a sociopath bro seriously seek help it's for your own good
Gabriella H
Gabriella H Pred 13 dnevi
How does this man have a platform? He’s a vile human being w no morals and is preaching nonsense and discrediting actual victims
H W Pred 13 dnevi
The fact that you’re this ignorant about SA and you have a daughter is honestly scary. Get wrecked lmfao
StrawberryToast Pred 13 dnevi
How is everyone so made at keemstar for being skeptical? All he said was that we don't know because we have equal evidence supporting both sides. (Does seem weird how they waited a week before the fight tho.... just saying maybe they're looking for attention but don't hate me for saying that, it's plausible)
Hannah Polk
Hannah Polk Pred 13 dnevi
You don’t deserve a platform
Zayn Ross
Zayn Ross Pred 13 dnevi
not tryna be rude but, how does this dude get so many views. who is watching this shit... get your bag though ig.
Saylah Alvarado
Saylah Alvarado Pred 13 dnevi
shit when i was getting raped maybe i should have just closed my legs i don’t understand how i didn’t think about it like how does rape just happen silly me lol
Des Rain
Des Rain Pred 13 dnevi
The cold hard truth is keemstar has absolutely 0 sexual experience. Somebody seriously needs to Maybe show him how easy it is to be violated the way she was violated by jake. He says he doesn't get it and I believe him I don't think he gets it and that is the problem when you grow up watching Internet porn and a gallon jug of KY. He's a DUMBASS!!!
Briaden B
Briaden B Pred 13 dnevi
If you ever come back to Buffalo I hope you get exactly what you deserve
Nikki Perry
Nikki Perry Pred 13 dnevi
Hi Keem just needed to come here and say that you’re a disgusting prick and should try to find some compassion for others. I’m sorry for whatever happened to make you hate women but you should probably get that checked out
LilMissMuffins :3
LilMissMuffins :3 Pred 13 dnevi
Should’ve just walked away when I was being raped. Wolves stopped it huh. Go to hell.
Izzy Rodriguez
Izzy Rodriguez Pred 13 dnevi
keep this same energy when it happens to your daughter
Brittany Miles
Brittany Miles Pred 13 dnevi
It’s not strange, it took me 7 years for me to come out and say something happened. Fuck off. You defending this and other sa’ers and victim blaming makes us wonder if you’ve done the same exact thing and think that’s it’s okay.
Can't wait for his karma.
GandT Pred 14 dnevi
DISGUSTING! You know nothing about sexual assault clearly. Please don’t speak on topics you know nothing about. Sexual assault isn’t always VIOLENT. There’s not always going to be a weapon! Guess I should have turned my head too... oh wait I tried to
TheSyro Pred 14 dnevi
Obviously you have doubts you're a jake super fan because he gets views and you Have a habit of making the wrong choices. Like that time you accused a man of being a p3d0 and almost ruined is life or the time you was cancelled for being you
Hannah kharovna
Hannah kharovna Pred 14 dnevi
Seek help
Hannah kharovna
Hannah kharovna Pred 14 dnevi
The Mitu movement has been great in proving that it’s not just one in 1 million it is one and six girls before they are 18 and three out of fiveBefore the age of 25 it sounds like you are projecting your feelings of shame and guilt
Hannah kharovna
Hannah kharovna Pred 14 dnevi
And half the time even if you do report something or say no things will get worse in that situation girls will freeze up it’s called trauma
Hannah kharovna
Hannah kharovna Pred 14 dnevi
You do realize that that’s actually creepy as fuck you can’t just go kissing girls hands that are asleep because obviously they’re not gonna be able to process was happening
Ella Hardek
Ella Hardek Pred 14 dnevi
You are gonna get ur karma one day chief imma sit here and wait🤢🤮
Stefania Cichella
Stefania Cichella Pred 14 dnevi
how is your channel still allowed to be up bro
Oli Pred 14 dnevi
You talk with a soft voice when reading Jakes tweet but yell when the talking about the girl. SA apologist. You’re a danger to this platform and should be banned
Lyndsay Brooke
Lyndsay Brooke Pred 14 dnevi
prayers everyday you get demonetized
sean seen
sean seen Pred 14 dnevi
"Just turn your head" you don't think Jake Paul could hold her head in place? You don't think Jake Paul is bigger than her and could hurt her for not complying? You're so disgusting. Even if it isn't true, your views on it are abhorrent
Tirzah Joy
Tirzah Joy Pred 14 dnevi
TW: The first time a man forced themself into my mouth I was eleven years old and he was a grown man. I should have just turned my head, that would have made it stop.
Tirzah Joy
Tirzah Joy Pred 4 dnevi
@ClownScript #0912 your experience does not make you less than. And fuck all the people like Keem telling us we could have done anything to stop it.
ClownScript #0912
ClownScript #0912 Pred 4 dnevi
I was 6 when he did it, The only person who if I saw id actually try to kill them
Dixinormus Pred 8 dnevi
@Tirzah Joy Ok 😔
Tirzah Joy
Tirzah Joy Pred 8 dnevi
@Dixinormus there is no kidding. Go get help
Dixinormus Pred 8 dnevi
@Tirzah Joy I’m kidding calm down
Hannah C
Hannah C Pred 14 dnevi
How are you still on SLtv? 🤮
Clara Bear25
Clara Bear25 Pred 14 dnevi
“Couldn’t she just close her mouth?”.... okay well if that’s how it works than couldn’t people just close their legs? It doesn’t work like that you prick.
Clara Bear25
Clara Bear25 Pred 14 dnevi
I just saw your response video to jake Paul’s allegations... “I don’t understand the physics, she could of just closed her mouth”...whether you believe the girl or not, what you said was disgusting and completely dismissed anyone who has been assaulted orally. YES. Men and woman can be assaulted orally. Ever heard of fear or victims freezing up??? Seriously, you really are missing so much and you should educated yourself before you make comments like that. You hurt a lot of people with that statement.
Tatiana Pred 14 dnevi
Keemstar You are Disgusting.. I've been SA and Its Very Hard to speak out about It Jake Paul Is Guilty. You shouldn't Have a Platform AT ALL for all the stuff you have done I feel Bad for your Daughter.
Boti Kap
Boti Kap Pred 14 dnevi
I’m fighting for millions of dollars, I fight you for free F***t
Please do I'll pay you. He's awful.
AnonymousPistol Pred 14 dnevi
Ami Chew Chew
Ami Chew Chew Pred 14 dnevi
Inappropriate thumbnail
Joy Boy -
Joy Boy - Pred 15 dnevi
This dude I hate him so munch some of things he says make no sense it’s not fucking rocket science
ᗰᗩᗰI ᑕᕼᑌᒪᗩ
Keemstar is trash, log off forever please 🙏
Maeve Lohnes
Maeve Lohnes Pred 15 dnevi
Even the slightest bit of research into the process of coming to terms with assault and average timelines would show that Justine coming forward right now makes perfect and logical sense. You may not understand the 'physics' behind getting SA'ed via oral , however as someone who is currently studying rocket science at the #1 public university, I do!!!! Great job spreading incredibly dangerous rhetoric and teaching a very young and impressionable audience to victim blame. A+ job, as always.
bryar Maier
bryar Maier Pred 15 dnevi
The fact that this man has a daughter is so scary
Julie Lauritzen
Julie Lauritzen Pred 4 dnevi
@Sarah a rather believer false accuser than a sex offender
Debits Credits
Debits Credits Pred 8 dnevi
straight up. how fuckin ignorant of him. this is nasty im unsubscribing and sending that sub straight to justine. hasta la vista ya shit @keemstar
NotBryan シ
NotBryan シ Pred 12 dnevi
keemstar has a daughter?..
Emily K. Bob
Emily K. Bob Pred 13 dnevi
She deserves better honestly, no one should grow up in that environment.
Tiffany Kihara
Tiffany Kihara Pred 13 dnevi
Fr. It's so scary
Lala Reed
Lala Reed Pred 15 dnevi
You should respond to the latest frenemies episode. They pretty much expose you for who you are. Lol you’re sick.
Franklin C
Franklin C Pred 7 dnevi
What did they expose him for
two snips
two snips Pred 14 dnevi
I LOVEEE that they expose him. It’s SO hard to watch but people NEED to know what this monster is saying & needs to be known for the horrific loser he is.
Clara Müller
Clara Müller Pred 14 dnevi
There is no need to “expose” him bc he is literally exposing himself... such a psychopath
Sebastian Pereira
Sebastian Pereira Pred 15 dnevi
6:19 “what happens next is shocking” WHAT UP DHAR MANN FANNS
IsThatBeast Pred 15 dnevi
Dis dude dont even tell the story. Im unsubscribing with yo lame as
BlackRainbow 411
BlackRainbow 411 Pred 16 dnevi
SLtv and the world is full of lies..more power more lies to protect bilions of dollars..even governments, usa lied by every war only for oil..but hey there was only millions of deats..idk whats true and whats not, but if governments lie to there people..everyone can lie..is it that hard to have a wonderfull life and hurt nobody? Love from switzerland.
The Cheeba Lounge
The Cheeba Lounge Pred 16 dnevi
The Cheeba Lounge
The Cheeba Lounge Pred 16 dnevi
Ima just say that the fact that you were so quick to Doubt that girl and post about it is ignorant af! it takes time for someone to wrap what happened around their own head and figure out how to come about it. YOU seem SUS af for back up a kid who has history of abusing girls in his life. You’re a grown adult and you believe a boy with toxic patterns of harassment & u go and publicly post how shes lying on ur story. Your a joke ! Ima be the first to tell u idc ! U “ influence” other boys and you’re teaching them to doubt a female when she FINALLY COMES OUT ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED - regardless of “how long its been” you sound so dumb . Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️ 🤡 🤡 🤡
Seashell Collections
Seashell Collections Pred 16 dnevi
Dude keem youre trash
Nick O
Nick O Pred 17 dnevi
Bro nick chillin there like “get tf outta my face”😭😭
keisha bergner
keisha bergner Pred 17 dnevi
hopefully what happened to Justine happens to your daughter and you keep the same energy of denying the victim
olivia g
olivia g Pred 18 dnevi
just watched the new h3h3 video where keemstar explains how he can’t understand how oral sex can’t be sexual assault because all she has to do is close her mouth??? do you know what sexual assault is like are you fucking stupid?? i’m not saying either is right or wrong i’m just talking about howling don’t understand what sexual assault is
Baka Boi IRL
Baka Boi IRL Pred 19 dnevi
1st story you don't get why they were backing up like you just gonna ignore the group of guys with Austin? Like Keem has obviously never been jumped before
Jack Cole
Jack Cole Pred 19 dnevi
You have a daughter. Educate yourself. Fool.
Hero2u Pred 19 dnevi
How many have this guy make about Jake paul?
Gabriele Ziaikina
Gabriele Ziaikina Pred 19 dnevi
Has everyone forgot that Jake himself made up false claims of SA...
Niamhhh7 Pred 19 dnevi
i really dk why y’all support keemstar... 🤷🏻‍♀️
Its Awesometime
Its Awesometime Pred 13 dnevi
I dont think they stan him they like him cuz he does news and shows of the drama
Edwin Recon
Edwin Recon Pred 19 dnevi
Lol she has an onlyfans she trying to get subs. If you guys can't see that your a 🐵
Luna Rose
Luna Rose Pred 19 dnevi
Personally, I don't watch your channel because I find your voice extremely annoying.. like stop yelling already... Plus your approach on content reeeeeeally sucks... BUT I know a lot of other people do watch you and your take on things can influence them. First off, YOU ARE A FATHER OF A LITTLE GIRL, that much I know. If someone assaulted your daughter and then LITERALLY MADE FUN OF HER ASSAULT on a channel with millions of subscribers and then COMPLAINED ABOUT CANCEL CULTURE what would you do? Is any of this ironic to you? Trying to discredit a woman's story because you're just too dumb to understand the situation, AND THEN COMPLAIN ABOUT CANCEL CULTURE?!!! Wtf is wrong with you. Please go away.
CaXoda Pred 20 dnevi
Austin mcbroom kinda sounds like faze apex
TheKingofswing83 Pred 20 dnevi
Jack Paul Guilty D Watson is innocent
Pink Ruby
Pink Ruby Pred 20 dnevi
The texts she shows in the video are FAKE! Look at the send arrow, it's green but the texts are blue. That does not happen. Either the send arrow AND texts are green if its normal texts and if they are imessages then both the send button and the texts are blue. So she is LYING and are willing to destroy a mans career for some clout. Hope she goes to jail for this! It is because of girls like her us REAL victims are not believed!😡😡😡😡😡😡
Pixxel Moe
Pixxel Moe Pred 21 dnevom
Dramaalert, Minecraft Monday. This man is awsome
Nathan Cuellar
Nathan Cuellar Pred 22 dnevi
No way Jake would fall for a girl like that 😂😂😂😂 I think she is doing all of this for clout
ana lee
ana lee Pred dnevom
He is not attractive at all.
Mc Justin Szwec
Mc Justin Szwec Pred 22 dnevi
She could’ve just gone to the police with this allegation instead of begging for attention online from someone that’s hated on enough as it is
Shadow Reflex
Shadow Reflex Pred 22 dnevi
keep me in the loop
Real Gs Dont Die
Real Gs Dont Die Pred 22 dnevi
Bru why you doing all these weird ass head movements when you doing the intro? Looks mad cringe. Take it back to the way you used to do it damnit!
Ac 504
Ac 504 Pred 22 dnevi
Jaystation got his tinfoil hat and coming up with conspiracy theory’s about covid
Reeebirthh Pred 22 dnevi
I’m scared hope all girls don’t become like her cause I’ll be facing life in prison
Nyall Morrow
Nyall Morrow Pred 22 dnevi
This man is such a bottom feeder nowadays
Death Before Dishonor
Death Before Dishonor Pred 22 dnevi
KeemStar hella insecure. 😂
Parallax Pred 23 dnevi
didn’t jake falsely accuse faze banks of I think it was domestic violence a while back
Zee09 W
Zee09 W Pred 23 dnevi
I use to love ace family when I was like 8 but now I just hate Austin micbroom he just makes me mad
Belolth Pred 23 dnevi
It isn't his word vs her word. It's innocent until proven guilty.
Etika Ribss
Etika Ribss Pred 23 dnevi
Hi keemstar 🙂
dead citizen 22
dead citizen 22 Pred 23 dnevi
I'm waiting for dirt on Keemstar
Destiny Waters
Destiny Waters Pred 23 dnevi
Im a kpop stan but I love Keemstar and respect others. Why are these so called stans making the rest of us look bad?
James Witt
James Witt Pred 23 dnevi
News means “the news” OBJECTIVE
Flow Pred 23 dnevi
Not gonna lie I hate tik tok but I hope Bryce knocks tf out Of Austin
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