Logan Paul vs KSI ( WWE ) #DramaAlert - David Dobrik & Vlog Squad Dom Return! Social Gloves BOXING! 

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11. apr. 2021

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The Young Canadian
The Young Canadian Pred mesecem
The amount of dedication this man has had for the last few years to bring us the news is absolutely amazing
shuvro Sarkar
shuvro Sarkar Pred 24 dnevi
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aidan acuff
aidan acuff Pred 24 dnevi
@jxcob how
Seraphoftheend Yt14
Seraphoftheend Yt14 Pred 25 dnevi
He sucks
Zoup Pred 27 dnevi
@KalmoK toxic channel breeds toxicity
KalmoK Pred 27 dnevi
The amount of toxicity, doxing and so on is also amazing
Tyler Pred 14 urami
WWE is fake tho not really fun
Tyler Pred 14 urami
Can't wait to see deji to fight again
gabe Tabori
gabe Tabori Pred 5 dnevi
Also ryan got knocked out by tayler
gabe Tabori
gabe Tabori Pred 5 dnevi
Keem the video was a while back ago he prolly posted that again
Vero Pred 10 dnevi
i remember the time when alot of people started hating on keem during the youtube drama era. boy that has change.
Wavyy Pred 11 dnevi
Repent Jesus Christ is coming soon .
Wavyy Pred 11 dnevi
Matthew 3:2 .
ICY BAE Pred 11 dnevi
Do people think wwe is real or something?
4ktrait chris
4ktrait chris Pred 15 dnevi
Nick irleand won
4ktrait chris
4ktrait chris Pred 15 dnevi
Omg Logan Paul wants to fight ksi that will be Logan’s night mare
115Enzo Pred 16 dnevi
this is embarrassing to the sport of boxing
Seashell Collections
Seashell Collections Pred 16 dnevi
Omg one second in and your videos are so trash.
Luna Rose
Luna Rose Pred 20 dnevi
Personally, I don't watch your channel because I find your voice extremely annoying.. like stop yelling already... Plus your approach on content reeeeeeally sucks... BUT I know a lot of other people do watch you and your take on things can influence them. First off, YOU ARE A FATHER OF A LITTLE GIRL, that much I know. If someone assaulted your daughter and then LITERALLY MADE FUN OF HER ASSAULT on a channel with millions of subscribers and then COMPLAINED ABOUT CANCEL CULTURE what would you do? Is any of this ironic to you? Trying to discredit a woman's story because you're just too dumb to understand the situation, AND THEN COMPLAIN ABOUT CANCEL CULTURE?!!! Wtf is wrong with you. Please go away.
Connor Pred 19 dnevi
@Luna Rose well your not wrong, so I'll respect ya for it
Luna Rose
Luna Rose Pred 19 dnevi
@Connor Yeah but it takes you to a link instead of showing directly what you say which is annoying. I honestly really hate Twitter, I never use it. Plus more people look at SLtv comments and he has a bigger following on here xoxo
Connor Pred 19 dnevi
@Luna Rose there's twitlonger
Luna Rose
Luna Rose Pred 19 dnevi
@Connor it was too long for Twitter lol xoxo
Connor Pred 19 dnevi
Go back to twitter
Terry Kurt
Terry Kurt Pred 21 dnevom
Why would the SLtv side want jake Paul on there side instead of ksi like whatttf
Non155 Pred 21 dnevom
itsloamy Pred 21 dnevom
Gib should be on there
Gas13r The second
Gas13r The second Pred 22 dnevi
how does david still have money
Michael Ballesteros
Michael Ballesteros Pred 23 dnevi
Bruh WWE if fake my guy
Josh Behr
Josh Behr Pred 23 dnevi
Can keem and grade fight at wrestlemania
Etika Ribss
Etika Ribss Pred 23 dnevi
Hi keemstar 🙂
Known Determination
Known Determination Pred 23 dnevi
I love the black at 8:08
Fabes Pred 24 dnevi
The yes yes yes came from Daniel Bryan or something. I am getting flashbacks man lol
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Pred 24 dnevi
Logan Paul would win in wwe because it’s fake and it’s gonna be some redemption story or their going to give JJ/KSI a fighting background maybe something to do with his babatunde character and he will do some crazy shit
Shauna Hayden
Shauna Hayden Pred 24 dnevi
Im sorry wwe is all staged i wana see them fight forreal in a real ring no script shit nothing
Swapnil Wagh
Swapnil Wagh Pred 25 dnevi
Dude that David dobrik footage is so old
Drewmena Pred 25 dnevi
This boxing thing between SLtv’s and Tiktokers is the most embarrassing thing ever
Drewmena Pred 25 dnevi
Can you change your set, look, and intro music please.
Aiden Holdsworth
Aiden Holdsworth Pred 25 dnevi
Abiola Baruwa
Abiola Baruwa Pred 25 dnevi
We all know as soon as keem gets the scoop he will keep us in the loop.
Luis InShadowz
Luis InShadowz Pred 26 dnevi
Wait why did keen remove the vid with Logan talking about fighting ksi again
faze sway 777
faze sway 777 Pred 26 dnevi
OxyΨ Pred 26 dnevi
Why did dom get kicked out and what was the David scandal
Chris Frello
Chris Frello Pred 26 dnevi
That did not look like boxing
Faded x Masterr
Faded x Masterr Pred 27 dnevi
Damn Kevin Owens stunned Logan Paul??😂
Derealdeja W
Derealdeja W Pred 27 dnevi
Bob Menerry
Bob Menerry Pred 27 dnevi
I mean i love drama alert but what are these bullshit clips of ‘fights’ ? Any of us followers can take one out. Cant even post more than a ten second. Ill handle any of these bitches
May D.
May D. Pred 27 dnevi
Keem is on meth. WTF
Black Asphire
Black Asphire Pred 27 dnevi
WWE just threw a MEGA hail Mary.
Gerardo Lopez
Gerardo Lopez Pred 27 dnevi
Logan Paul vs KSI in WWE would be interesting
KalmoK Pred 27 dnevi
Always makes me laugh when that clown Wassabi tries to be a boxer. He might have won vs Stromedy but he's not as good as he says..
BeanBags VOID
BeanBags VOID Pred 27 dnevi
Morgz is the nuemane of SLtv lmao but ig he had a point
wayz fartflakes
wayz fartflakes Pred 27 dnevi
WAITTTT ⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️Jesus loves you and He wants you in heaven not hell here is how to be saved Romans 10:9-11☦️❤️ hell ain’t no party🔥🔥🔥🔥
james holland
james holland Pred 27 dnevi
nick shouldve won that
Chidubem Duruibe
Chidubem Duruibe Pred 27 dnevi
Anybody wanna get saved? To be saved you must confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord. And you must believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and was resurrected 3 days later forgiving us for our sins if we repent. Having faith and obedience in Jesus= salvation.
Hamza Abou Samra
Hamza Abou Samra Pred 27 dnevi
the boxing is soo weak omg they woulod get fucked in any real dojo or gym
DeadlyPotato 47
DeadlyPotato 47 Pred 27 dnevi
no one wants ryan jhonston or whatever we all know NCK took the W
FIREDUDE 2136 Pred 28 dnevi
I always responded to that with "bitch im the first one jumping"
chunkeyknight Pred 28 dnevi
That has got to be some of the worst boxing i have ever seen!
Ryan Castro
Ryan Castro Pred 28 dnevi
Wait but that video on David's snapchat is old. You can tell by his house.
Boonaw Pred 28 dnevi
DMX died on our birthday smh
fahad king
fahad king Pred 28 dnevi
Cristian Carranza
Cristian Carranza Pred 28 dnevi
Cristian Carranza
Cristian Carranza Pred 28 dnevi
Cristian Carranza
Cristian Carranza Pred 28 dnevi
Cristian Carranza
Cristian Carranza Pred 28 dnevi
Timmy The Cat
Timmy The Cat Pred 28 dnevi
How is there not a breath taking compilation of this guy yet
Yosemite Life
Yosemite Life Pred 28 dnevi
I just think David Dobrik and Dom should be completely canceled. I mean mini Ladd, Carson, Sinatraa, etc all got canceled. Same goes for Zoe Laverne, as she made out with a 13 year old when she’s 19, but got away with it. This is just being half assed.
Gornofol Pred 28 dnevi
İ like to watch clowns (expect KSI and keem)
Chr0n1c4l Pred 28 dnevi
"Is Daddy fighting evil doers tonight?" Nah daddy Zoomed quaaaay back 😂👌🏼 Unsubscribed ASAP
I am GEXT Pred 28 dnevi
Come on keem we all know nick won 2/1
Max B
Max B Pred 28 dnevi
if gib didnt win ill kms
Symtric Pred 28 dnevi
You should report about the Ireland bother and Austin a bunch of drama and wanna know how you feel about it!?
Zander D
Zander D Pred 28 dnevi
Uh that Snapchat of David is old... watched that back during quarantine
Jons F
Jons F Pred 28 dnevi
I’ve seen school fights better than those boxing match
Bill Worboyes
Bill Worboyes Pred 28 dnevi
please hire a proper editor
callofduty smurf
callofduty smurf Pred 28 dnevi
This guy has a waist up seizure every time he does an intro
Brennen L
Brennen L Pred 28 dnevi
So tired of hearing about aUsTiN mCbRoOoOm
PURE FUEGO Pred 28 dnevi
Ryan got rocked by nick like how you showed the 3rd round of them fighting when it was supposed to be 2 rounds but they didn't like how Ryan got rekt the first 2 rounds and if you saw the clip its illegal to hold the back of there head and hit them so who should of really won??
ツFloweryFreindlyguy Pred 28 dnevi
Grown man get a grip lad
Im trash at games
Im trash at games Pred 28 dnevi
stromedy has no clue what he’s doing
tamor04 Pred 28 dnevi
KSI vs Logan Paul at WWE is not gonna happen, fans would boo the crap out of that match.
kenedie Pred 28 dnevi
Nah cuz its fake
Iscome Pred 28 dnevi
nck won
Eric Peña
Eric Peña Pred 28 dnevi
Why didn’t Jarvis fight avanis chicken boyfriend
ratplays Pred 28 dnevi
Big fan btw really want a ps5 @karimkaissi
Earthnxtdoor Pred 28 dnevi
Somedy such a failure I don't care that I misspelled his name
tschinkerl Pred 28 dnevi
Jake Paul ahs been accused od sexual assault. This needs to be talked about.
Brian Stokes
Brian Stokes Pred 28 dnevi
Btw you are one of the mosted hated youtuber in the world
Skeebly Boggs
Skeebly Boggs Pred 28 dnevi
That stupid fucking pointy beard too man. Guy truly is an absolute goof 😂😂😂 he is good at what he does though can’t deny that
Skeebly Boggs
Skeebly Boggs Pred 28 dnevi
He looks like such a douchebag with how animated he is at the beginning everytime. Boppin his head around like an absolute Jackass. I can’t be the only one who wishes he would stop that shit 😂😂😂😂
LKP Pred 28 dnevi
Watch the full Nick Ireland fight and you tell me who you though won. Smh 🤦‍♂️
Major Nelson
Major Nelson Pred 28 dnevi
Awesome episode you should discuss the stuff with Chris Tyson
Mark Dodgson
Mark Dodgson Pred 28 dnevi
At 16 u can drink alcohol at 18 you can buy alcohol its dumb
AgentJerbear Pred 28 dnevi
Ryan Johnson lost that fight and doesn’t deserve to go on 2-1 if there was 3 rounds Ryan Johnson is just going to straight up lose and I would rather watch nick Ireland in ring then Ryan Johnson.
Chase Dodds
Chase Dodds Pred 28 dnevi
Man none of those SLtvrs can fight 🥱 there’s just ksi, Jake paul, Logan Paul then there’s just everybody else except maybe a few names I missed but the guys in this vid 🥱
AyeItsBeebo Pred 28 dnevi
So I heard you bought 1,000,000 XRP tokens.....
Brian Rodriguez
Brian Rodriguez Pred 28 dnevi
Bro you literally see Ryan holding NICK’s head down 😂 NICK WON THAT
We're out of milk
We're out of milk Pred 28 dnevi
the quarantine has me watching GradeAUnderA's keem video again, right. how can the community cancel someone like jenna marbles, but keem is still thriving? youtube chooses favourites
Key Pred 27 dnevi
@We're out of milk yes after the fact after she made her video then you know how Twitter is but she made her video first then that happened
We're out of milk
We're out of milk Pred 28 dnevi
@Key nooo twitter went berserk on her
Key Pred 28 dnevi
She canceled herself. No one kicked her off the internet she left and took responsibility for the things she’s done
Kodey Pred 28 dnevi
Hell ya gonna get to see danny duncon beat some tictocers would like to see danny Mullen in there to
Nathan Pazmino
Nathan Pazmino Pred 28 dnevi
Cinco Star
Cinco Star Pred 28 dnevi
The beef is interesting ,but the boxing is cringe..bro non of them have their hands up in a gaurd position ..it looks like it's just smacking with gloves
Cheetos Doritos
Cheetos Doritos Pred 28 dnevi
Imagine thinking 🤔 Logan Paul will fight ksi in wwe now you just being a dumb stupid person
Cheetos Doritos
Cheetos Doritos Pred 28 dnevi
Nick won
Cheetos Doritos
Cheetos Doritos Pred 28 dnevi
Nick won nick won
Cheetos Doritos
Cheetos Doritos Pred 28 dnevi
Drama doesn’t know crap
Cheetos Doritos
Cheetos Doritos Pred 28 dnevi
Nick won rigged nick won
Cheetos Doritos
Cheetos Doritos Pred 28 dnevi
Nick won nick won
Cheetos Doritos
Cheetos Doritos Pred 28 dnevi
Nick won nick won
Cheetos Doritos
Cheetos Doritos Pred 28 dnevi
Nick won nick won
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