Austin Mcbroom goes OFF on Bryce Hall! (Leaked Video) Jake Paul $1 Bet with Dana White! 

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11. mar. 2021

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Kalum Mattew
Kalum Mattew Pred 2 meseci
When Keem is the only news you watch anymore
Brandon Tezoco
Brandon Tezoco Pred 19 dnevi
@Octavio Hernandez .
Maddux Amir
Maddux Amir Pred 21 dnevom
@Miles Zakai Whoa! It took roughly 10 mins but it worked!
Miles Zakai
Miles Zakai Pred 21 dnevom
Not sure if anyone cares at all but yesterday I hacked my friends Instagram password by using InstaPortal. Find it on google if you wanna try it yourself
Emcee Hammer
Emcee Hammer Pred mesecem
That's really sad
Paul Merrington
Paul Merrington Pred mesecem
Adrian P
Adrian P Pred 2 dnevi
Prediction: bryce hall will win against austin mcbroom.
Laila Santos
Laila Santos Pred 7 dnevi
Austin will win
Colbzz Pred 8 dnevi
The real question is why are millionaire celebrities acting like they are street fighters. Or in the streets at all. They are pampered little boys.
cancelwillyskurtZ Pred 9 dnevi
You did some coke before the video my boy??
Mona Darwish
Mona Darwish Pred 9 dnevi
Bryce gonna win
Sabre Sosa
Sabre Sosa Pred 9 dnevi
Maybe doesn’t want to be hated if we knock some out
Diego Leguizamon
Diego Leguizamon Pred 10 dnevi
PLS not byce using the ace family for views LOL
Amanda Pieklo
Amanda Pieklo Pred 18 dnevi
Why did Austin say create an empire with my family like wtf your just famous along with your family like NO your just a family that is somewhat famous 🤪
Ivery Young
Ivery Young Pred 18 dnevi
No you are to old
Austin Wilson
Austin Wilson Pred 19 dnevi
So Jake asks for an illegal bet on an event he is part owner of, anyone else smell a conflict of interest. Same goes for Snoop. If Triller were legit they would never allow that. Not to mention Jake’s audience are children and once again he is pushing gambling and illegal betting.
GGV ALLEN Pred 20 dnevi
Ill fight for millions and im young ans im not scare
Dom Mambo
Dom Mambo Pred 24 dnevi
How did Keem think € was £. Oh keem u poor boy
Edward Harrison
Edward Harrison Pred 25 dnevi
$1 lmao
Madison Smith
Madison Smith Pred 25 dnevi
I love how enthusiastic Keem gets when he starts the video, or when he has the big scoop, love that. I needed it. Good 2021 vibes! Keep going
Mak Mean
Mak Mean Pred 26 dnevi
Let’s fight Charli vs Pewdiepie biggest fight 😆
LuXuRy xNoah
LuXuRy xNoah Pred 27 dnevi
Max Cantos
Max Cantos Pred mesecem
Team Bryce
Giana Felix
Giana Felix Pred mesecem
i don’t like bryce or austin and tbh i don’t like any of the people that are entering in the fight but bryce better beat austin’s ass bc austin has a family like why is he doing this😃😭✋🏽
Clapper Pred mesecem
Dream vs techno boxing match?????
Wardo __
Wardo __ Pred mesecem
Funny how all these people talk about austin but continue to watch his vids an support lmao. Yall sound dumb. These corny kids are really getting y’all’s attention? Lmao
Philip S
Philip S Pred mesecem
I'm a fan of none of those bitches......but in austin's statement, he basically said he hated bryce hall because he disrespected his family......jake paul said austin's wife is his side chick yet didn't have the guts to even got mad publicly but challenging publicly who is barely an adult
Nik W
Nik W Pred mesecem
imagine wearing a cross on your neck and talking the way he does. put it on your back austin. praying for you brother.
Indi Flower
Indi Flower Pred mesecem
I don’t like Bryce hall at all but between Austin and Bryce I think Bryce will win
Freyja Thompson
Freyja Thompson Pred mesecem
Shadows24 Pred mesecem
As much hatred as i have for jake i have to admit he has been getting the work in but ben askren taking a W
M4dzz Pred mesecem
My new news source
Ellie Alvarado
Ellie Alvarado Pred mesecem
Austin only pulls views cause he’s a family channel 😂
Ras Pred mesecem
And what does Bryce get views for? Being a tiktoker which is the most cringest thing u can do as a job right now.
Ota Wa
Ota Wa Pred mesecem
What is the Broom demographic? They are such bums and seem like they pray to money at night
Johnny Eye
Johnny Eye Pred mesecem
I had to look up who this guy is. Nobody that is productive or contributes anything positive to society.
Moises Flores
Moises Flores Pred mesecem
Bryce is scared to lose his “bad boy rep” 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
Old KSI Videos
Old KSI Videos Pred mesecem
Fight confirmed baby
Maya Larios
Maya Larios Pred mesecem
Why dose Austin think he’s scared-
Maya Larios
Maya Larios Pred mesecem
Austin is literally a little kid.
Maya Larios
Maya Larios Pred mesecem
But when jake talked stuff abt his family he said nothing😭
Sebastian savage
Sebastian savage Pred mesecem
Let’s goooo?
J12 Gaming
J12 Gaming Pred mesecem
So why wasn’t there no count down ??? The intro
Aidsla Pred mesecem
Man wow can't believe Netflix doing Blockbuster like that
StrangeTripNH Pred mesecem
So, the video wasn’t leaked? Just out right sent to you...!
Chars Pred mesecem
Redbox really put blockbuster outta business Netflix definitely didn't help but I remember being able to rent dvds for a dollar thru redbox so who would go to blockbuster
steven herrera
steven herrera Pred mesecem
👨‍🦯👨‍🦯👨‍🦯”Bryce hall isn’t scared of Austin”
A Z Pred mesecem
Austin’s wife made his career 💯🍑
Eric Bramlett
Eric Bramlett Pred mesecem
I want to see Bryce fight Austin
Angel Requinto
Angel Requinto Pred mesecem
so no ones gonna cancel keem star for putting people even more down after their mentally down idk for example deji he legitely laughed and promoted hate towards deji when he was mentally down
Staywad23 Pred mesecem
Ngl KSI and Jake Paul should fight if u think about it KSI is on SLtv side cuz he’s been on SLtv ever since and Jake Paul how did he get famous off apps rather then SLtv like Vine,Musically,Tiktok plus he doesn’t even post on SLtv as much as KSI and then after Austin and Bryce can be under card
Toon Pred mesecem
"jake paul one dollar bet" nice
Lynn Pred mesecem
Netflix is a whole troll!
thesara456 plays
thesara456 plays Pred mesecem
i dont watch local news only drama alert
The Daron plane and Elevator channel.
I have to call out this one SLtvr Who is showing peoples private areas on camera, The person behind this is joogsquad ppjt
Leo setton
Leo setton Pred mesecem
What’s the source of the Bryce beef
Austin Hagner
Austin Hagner Pred mesecem
Some ppl shouldn’t b famius
Acrimonious Fez
Acrimonious Fez Pred mesecem
august 14 2010
Fancy Goose
Fancy Goose Pred mesecem
Did Keem just say Electric Arts?
RAMON ARANDA Pred mesecem
y play rablox
Jadon Pred mesecem
Oh my god dude!! Can Jake Paul just fight someone that’s good already. Like KSI!!! J wanna see his ass get knocked out already
RetroMamba Pred mesecem
Austin the fakest dude I know
Fusion nR
Fusion nR Pred mesecem
Bro this ace guy so money hungry it makes me wanna catch him out I don’t even like him or that tik toker one wants money and the other want clout so he definitely don’t want to take the chance to be embarrassed asf lmao he dont even care about the money that shit funny😂
angry carrot
angry carrot Pred mesecem
0:40 I heard you say that a million times that a youtuber might catch another youtuber on the streets then fight, that never happens like the chances of that happening is actually only 1%
SoFly Win
SoFly Win Pred mesecem
He’s stage fright in a boxing ring. Pus
L o L
L o L Pred mesecem
Bryce should box me💁🏽‍♂️😳
Venom Monroe
Venom Monroe Pred mesecem
What has boxing come to though?
kayung mai
kayung mai Pred mesecem
Bryce Hall wants to talk, but doesn't want to fight? Why talk so much shit if you're not willing to fight the person you are talking shit to. He's just like some white highschooler that talks mad shit in school, but when the other person asks him to fight in a nearby park, he doesn't show up. Bryce Hall just got made a pussy by someone that's 28 years old.
Some Russian guy
Some Russian guy Pred mesecem
I like how it says $1 dollars
Isot Ooo
Isot Ooo Pred mesecem
Keem when you going to do about Adam slag that guy is messed up ⬆️ expos him lol
Cereal ?
Cereal ? Pred mesecem
Pocket change for a guy like me
Damien Ford
Damien Ford Pred mesecem
This crap is to crazy form me keem
Bri Ward
Bri Ward Pred mesecem
Keems energy is me after having a cup of coffee.
imane. xc
imane. xc Pred mesecem
no its like drinking shit
bruhifyist Pred mesecem
lil boy
KAIIYUU Pred mesecem
can someone tell me why they want to put a boxer(kinda) against a MMA fighter
gabbi ghb
gabbi ghb Pred mesecem
Bryce hall is a hall of silence
deejaydiabolic Pred mesecem
I'm not a fan of Austin by any means but he's only speaking facts here
Johnnyjohnnyjohnny Pred mesecem
Classic EA so fast when there Game issues relating to making money but the bugs are ignored..
Zalman Bukher
Zalman Bukher Pred mesecem
Can't believe I'm saying this but I really want Austin to win lmfao
Cass Pred mesecem
Austin is just begging the boxing life now.
Maxtopten Pred mesecem
If I remember correctly, it was Redbox that caused blockbuster to go out of business not Netflix. Netflix was just final finishing blow.
Gavin Anthony
Gavin Anthony Pred mesecem
Any ufc fighter in a boxing match against a boxer is probably gonna lose because they’re abilities are limited because kicking and submissions aren’t allowed your only allowed to hit with your fists. Half their arsenal is gone
Kyle Pred mesecem
Bens gonna rock that boy😂
meme god
meme god Pred mesecem
Why does Bryce hall look like Sid the sloth
Alex :I
Alex :I Pred mesecem
Bryce hall is scared
Ty Stomrte
Ty Stomrte Pred mesecem
This is my theory if Bryce down here to fight Austin let me tell you what's going to happen Austin might beat his ass or some other s*** might happen Bryce Hall don't want to look like a loser okay he don't want to look like a loser between all his fanbase so just let it go
memphis soahr
memphis soahr Pred mesecem
The brash thermometer summarily decide because precipitation intriguinly trick regarding a testy steel. evasive, nine purchase
Innovative maniac
Innovative maniac Pred mesecem
I'm not kidding when I say this, Austin will legitimate kill Bryce in boxing match. Money ain't worthed.
african kaleab
african kaleab Pred mesecem
Jesus is King. True Christianity is the Truth. Pray to Him and Honor Mary. Have faith in Him. 2021 will be your year.
ThatOneMobile User
ThatOneMobile User Pred mesecem
Infinite Games
Infinite Games Pred mesecem
I’m not furrios
Infinite Games
Infinite Games Pred mesecem
I play fifa
Braden Shaw
Braden Shaw Pred mesecem
lmaoo that's what Blockbuster gets for being shortsighed, not having any faith in the future of streaming media, and not buying Netflix when they had the chance. F.
Jag Girl
Jag Girl Pred mesecem
Austin is a tosser
Euro King
Euro King Pred mesecem
Byrice is scared
Tito Lopez
Tito Lopez Pred mesecem
man i leave for 3 years and this is what i come to
Monarchy Moses
Monarchy Moses Pred mesecem
Fifa black market lol
GwopGetter Fresh
GwopGetter Fresh Pred mesecem
Im youtuber that raps and really fight lets set up boxing match me and austin and I will knock him out before I go at jake paul and ryan garcia I been wantin fight ryan since hes start everyone blow this up to make them see this I really want knock them all out austin ksi jakey paul and Ryan garcia
dustin wroblewski
dustin wroblewski Pred mesecem
Austin not everything is about momey bruh
RM Family
RM Family Pred mesecem
Perhaps for him no money is worth loosing his dignity, look what happened to Nate. Also we know the events Austin does are rigged.
ChittyChitty BangBang
The sad part about blockbuster is that Netflix actually offered to be bought out by blockbuster
ChittyChitty BangBang
Man...Bryce bouta get a can of whoopass.
Brian Houston
Brian Houston Pred mesecem
Keem just so you know dana does not own ufc, he was a partner but not any more, he and the fertitta bros were bought over and he was kept on as a matchmaker and face of the company plus they made him an executive, the basically knew that when buying the ufc the needed to keep dana as it was great for buisness...Endeavor (then WME-IMG) own it, it's basically multiple investors.
Gurjaap Brar
Gurjaap Brar Pred mesecem
its all about backlash if any of them lose if Austin loses then he is gonna get clowned on cuz he been calling out Bryce and if Bryces loses then he will get clowned cuz the internet is the internet
Cursed Pred mesecem
i love austin lauging cryigng emoji
Cursed Pred mesecem
ikr keemstar