Dream SONG EXPOSED! - She got ARRESTED! - Super Glued her head! #DramaAlert Jake Paul + Mayweather 

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4. feb. 2021

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Daze Pred 3 meseci
Hello Favorite drama channel nice video :)
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Pred 2 meseci
Hey anyone watching this channel please look at gradeaundera’s videos on keemstar, keem is a terrible person and you should not support him. Examples include saying the n word calling people pedos even though they are not and a ton of other messed up things
Garfield’s Lasagna
Garfield’s Lasagna Pred 2 meseci
Damn pinned lmao
XxxshadowbeastxxX Ultra
He killed Erika wow
wdnmd Pred 3 meseci
Man’s got pinned😂😂😂
Mr. Monotone
Mr. Monotone Pred 3 meseci
I feel sorry for you
Joshy_init HD
Joshy_init HD Pred 21 dnevom
dame i thtu keemstar die i was like huh rip
who tf is dumb enough to use gorilla glue in your hair, smh
DKsaNn Kat
DKsaNn Kat Pred mesecem
Girl in thumbnail 😍
Big Q
Big Q Pred mesecem
The only reason we clicked and he talked about it for 30 seconds.
Hamza Malik
Hamza Malik Pred mesecem
Isn’t the girl who got arrested in the royalty family lol
Ph1Sn1p3z Pred mesecem
Gorilla glue Finna get sued
FuxionXD Pred mesecem
Please call Jaystation Jaystation
FuxionXD Pred mesecem
The glue on your hair Like i feel bad but thats just dumb
Bass Unity ꪜ
Bass Unity ꪜ Pred mesecem
Stupid shitt
8C_Michael Christian
8C_Michael Christian Pred 2 meseci
Mate juat saying joogsquad is a madman. He's so brave to do that. If im was there i didn't feel good and i will leave
Smoores Moore
Smoores Moore Pred 2 meseci
Why he fall like that 😣😣
Ugly Fxxx
Ugly Fxxx Pred 2 meseci
Jonathan Pabs
Jonathan Pabs Pred 2 meseci
I'm sure Jake had a ghost writer for that speech. LMAO.
deadbug Pred 2 meseci
Why the fuck would you use gorilla glue for your hair😂😂😂😂😂😂
White_Wolf_2120 Pred 2 meseci
Wait I watched that vid I didn't know that was jake ex
White_Wolf_2120 Pred 2 meseci
How dumb can one be like u wtf (O_o)??
Varietalstorm 29
Varietalstorm 29 Pred 2 meseci
Man fell off his chair
Da_simp Toxic
Da_simp Toxic Pred 2 meseci
prank vs prank 2010 yt acc bro i feel old but i'm only 15 i'm sad
Rick Ruben
Rick Ruben Pred 2 meseci
waait, you still make videos? :o thats kinda sad
Gamer's Theater
Gamer's Theater Pred 2 meseci
I would love to here more about that Zoey
BayernFan and LiverpoolFan
Floyd why were you a trainer of Jake Paul
Harry Avetisyan
Harry Avetisyan Pred 2 meseci
Ohhh lord *falls off chair* *gets up* Another one news is that a girl using gorilla glue
Bob The God
Bob The God Pred 2 meseci
Could you actually imagine a white person saying this 8:21 about white people career be ended black swagger lmao
Bob The God
Bob The God Pred 2 meseci
Floyd who ever said anything about being black and even if he wants to be black
bruh dude
bruh dude Pred 2 meseci
I actually thought its a news lol then I saw u
TempTorm Pred 2 meseci
I'm not surprised, she acts 13
Mehran Kheiri
Mehran Kheiri Pred 2 meseci
I thought this super glue thing was fake bruh... damn... @D3V1Lryd3r
Yu Xuan
Yu Xuan Pred 2 meseci
Vans, miles and pedophiles.
jamacanbois 69
jamacanbois 69 Pred 2 meseci
mate your like 30 just sad
Diego Salinas
Diego Salinas Pred 2 meseci
2:48 careful with the xbox😱
[DELETED] Pred 2 meseci
2:47 you okay?
Mot Tada
Mot Tada Pred 2 meseci
Exhibitions are different than expeditions!😂
Deez Nuts
Deez Nuts Pred 2 meseci
Tony Lopez got some competition
BR0K3N Pred 2 meseci
It always mini triggers me when people pronounce the "s" in words as "th" sounding like a snake's hiss, I believe there is a term for this, if someone knows plz tell me about it
Gamer's Theater
Gamer's Theater Pred 2 meseci
can you give us timestamps
Bryan Moo
Bryan Moo Pred 2 meseci
I guess dream is now a woman, got arrested and super glued her head
King Mystery
King Mystery Pred 2 meseci
I mean, that is possible
Jim BOB Pred 2 meseci
Keem did you hurt your back when you did this at 2:49
Joe Mama
Joe Mama Pred 2 meseci
Hey anyone watching this channel please look at gradeaundera’s videos on keemstar, keem is a terrible person and you should not support him. Examples include saying the n word calling people pedos even though they are not and a ton of other messed up things
K111y Pred 2 meseci
there was a part on the new SNL episode of this 3:51
Red Ranger
Red Ranger Pred 2 meseci
Man jake Paul has gone mad
Novincio Pred 2 meseci
We she said my hair dont move I died laughing.
DeepFriedSeal Pred 2 meseci
Zoe pervert
ElCrixusJP Pred 2 meseci
HEY Keem Remember When you Kicked Dream From your Event you Regret it Now
Miki._.XD68 Pred 2 meseci
Truly disgusting, that some “people” would do this horrible thing.
Miki._.XD68 Pred 2 meseci
Truly disgusting, that some “people” would do this horrible thing.
Marvin Kevin
Marvin Kevin Pred 2 meseci
Its not the girls fault
TRUE DARK Enitiy Pred 2 meseci
Magzy Pred 2 meseci
RELEASE THE PLEBS Peepospeed Peepospeed
M3anWhi1e ́
M3anWhi1e ́ Pred 2 meseci
he is kinda wierd!
The sarcastic Dirtbag
The sarcastic Dirtbag Pred 2 meseci
I don’t like this drama crap
Fire Ant
Fire Ant Pred 2 meseci
WHAT the heck
Idoster Pred 2 meseci
whats your problem with crisp rat
N Pred 2 meseci
I guess it makes sense your favorite demographic is children because they are your mental peers. Learn to read.
jake vaniman
jake vaniman Pred 2 meseci
Twitter @JakeVaniman Zoe weird
NoahNeverKnocks Pred 2 meseci
JanPan Pred 2 meseci
akay so when comes minecraft monday back?
Tyler fortnite blevins Stan
I hate gorilla glue girl
Tarek Elazizi
Tarek Elazizi Pred 2 meseci
wheres moms basement
Teemo Pred 2 meseci
Im frickin confused the thumbnail and title is dream but the video isnt
Vedi btw
Vedi btw Pred 2 meseci
I love how Keemstar just falls and stays on the ground for like a solid 15 seconds
You piece of shit
You piece of shit Pred 2 meseci
kenneth ambrose
kenneth ambrose Pred 2 meseci
Jake Paul just fuck up
No No
No No Pred 2 meseci
The intro tho
George W. Bush
George W. Bush Pred 2 meseci
Barnhart24 Pred 2 meseci
Is anyone going to mention that unbelievably awkward intro this guy does? I feel so uncomfortable.
Monkey D Luffy
Monkey D Luffy Pred 2 meseci
3:00 Voice Crack 😂
Connor Smith
Connor Smith Pred 2 meseci
I am putting 20gs on Mayweather to knock out Jake
Rayaan Abid
Rayaan Abid Pred 2 meseci
Jake Paul is just dumb and is just an attention seeker
Taisakuu Pred 2 meseci
“Dream song exposed”..... “exposed”....... wow
IMCHILLIBOII Pred 2 meseci
I love dej but he keeps making excuses to not fight but then he says he does wanna fight but then when someone wants to fight him he says no so...
Lloydiee Pred 2 meseci
My mans said expeditions in every single exhibition word there was 😂
Lucasisafk Pred 2 meseci
Mondays be like: 2:47
1,000 subs without vids
Her: Wanna sue company Me: Boi shuttup who puts glue on your hair.
islznd Pred 2 meseci
6:38 that’s probably ghost written
Venatroz Pred 2 meseci
Man says expeditions instead of exhibitions and it hurts
Romeyana Ruiz
Romeyana Ruiz Pred 2 meseci
The gorilla glue girl 😭 she suing because it “it never said don’t put it in your hair on the bottle” she’s lucky she still has her hair Twitter: RomeyanaRuiz
ryan Thompson
ryan Thompson Pred 2 meseci
jcherry Pred 2 meseci
Quackers Pred 2 meseci
Juan Benavente
Juan Benavente Pred 2 meseci
I feel so bad for the black girl but Dam I was laughing so HARDDD!!!
NhWd 10
NhWd 10 Pred 2 meseci
nearly never get a dramaalert video this better be good
Blaster Fish
Blaster Fish Pred 2 meseci
premier these
Abdi M
Abdi M Pred 2 meseci
Zoey Laverne: I got help Keem: *stop the cap*
Justin Spears
Justin Spears Pred 2 meseci
Daouda Diane
Daouda Diane Pred 2 meseci
Hey atleast gorrllia glue ads don't lie
The Right Mind
The Right Mind Pred 3 meseci
The guy who made old Town road, lil nass, got breast implants as a joke. XD
xolo Pred 3 meseci
out here ruining life’s.
Dreamsatnight sss
Dreamsatnight sss Pred 3 meseci
Imaleafbruh Pred 3 meseci
Why is jake holding a book he can’t read?
Gulag Pred 2 meseci
he mistaken lots of words, watch it.
Christoffer Lundgren
Christoffer Lundgren Pred 3 meseci
Erica Play’s
Erica Play’s Pred 3 meseci
God it’s sad to say it but keem is just as cringe as jake paul
Harold TV
Harold TV Pred 3 meseci
Jake probably got a ghost writer for his poem just like most of his songs
Piotr Pred 2 meseci
It wasn’t that amazing he could have easily done it himself. It was just nice rhymes, no puns or smart word play.
Rakibul Hasan
Rakibul Hasan Pred 3 meseci
I prank SLtvr got killed by the shopkeeper where is enter the shop with a butcher knife. Search the news.
Elijah Lujano
Elijah Lujano Pred 3 meseci
but if it was a guy that "got help and took accountability" he would get 30+ years in prison smh
Fran Flor
Fran Flor Pred 3 meseci
Talk about sml geting sued by Nintendo
Caleb R
Caleb R Pred 3 meseci
Keem - none of your content is hidden or suppressed. I see it all and my wife see's it all (she isn't subscribed).... You have seen little growth over the last 3 years. Content is just lacking I think. Need more Fortnite Friday, etc. That stuff HIT!
Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith Pred 3 meseci
Smart making a finance channel. That CPM revenue gonna be goooood.
Shut Up
Shut Up Pred 3 meseci
Keem lost subs he was at 5.8M just yesterday now he at 4.79M 😂 FFFFFF
Carol Bayasca
Carol Bayasca Pred 3 meseci
일부 "사람들"이 그런 끔찍한 일을 할 것이라는 정말 역겨운 일입니다.
Ziyan Mazin
Ziyan Mazin Pred 3 meseci
1 like = 1 prayer for those people that actually like this dude
goutam barik
goutam barik Pred 3 meseci
I got gum in my hair rn