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CAVEMAN Pred 10 urami
Maybe Boogie can go on a hunger strike in jail.
Hendrik Ryytel
Hendrik Ryytel Pred 10 urami
Boogies weight tho
Aaden Mohammed
Aaden Mohammed Pred 10 urami
Imagine he likes my comment
Jordan Lake
Jordan Lake Pred 10 urami
Dose he really like comments?
Alex Pina
Alex Pina Pred 10 urami
My guy lol I came all the way from sc just to wtf is James Charles still doing out of jail? Isn’t James a child predator ? And why are you making news on TikTok people ?
Princewhite Pred 10 urami
Yooooooooooo anyone tryna watch my shit shorts so I can chase a bag
King ryan
King ryan Pred 10 urami
Glad to know we can harass people without any punishments
I_can't_get_a_bloody _username
Day 1 asking keem to pin my comment because I'm bored and my exams might be on my birthday🎂 (Probably not going to happen but might as well try)
Jake DeAngelis
Jake DeAngelis Pred 10 urami
Where is this Cj so coolll story
Ig vibezz Kurd
Ig vibezz Kurd Pred 10 urami
Hiigara Pred 10 urami
Boogie unironically invited Frank to his house... just saying... audio proof exists
A A Pred 10 urami
Listen Daniel, if you don't reply to this comment I am putting my money on logan paul when the fight happens.
2PiecePuzzle Pred 10 urami
Boogie is lucky he didn't kill anyone with the bullet drop or accidentally shoot his enemy and kill him. An assault charge he will get probation for is the luckiest thing that has happened to him
Greg Broyles
Greg Broyles Pred 10 urami
you dont really read the comments
Leo Heinola
Leo Heinola Pred 10 urami
If you really read the comment like this
krazykyra6 Pred 10 urami
How is mike trying to ignore her if he literally was having his friend text her that pro and cons list because she blocked him and she kept saying “i dont care I don’t want to hear anything from mike”
xile 547
xile 547 Pred 10 urami
Keem can you please report on what happening in Palestine as the main stream dont seem to care
davi castro
davi castro Pred 10 urami
sacramentum 1
sacramentum 1 Pred 10 urami
keem vapes?
HappyPotatoYT Pred 10 urami
Keem are u releasing an Only Fans 🤣
gamergod 88
gamergod 88 Pred 10 urami
Wait so this guy dated a pornstar and he wasn't allowed to cheat on her? How could they agree on that?
Ephram E
Ephram E Pred 10 urami
I think the better question is when is pokimanes birthday😳
Leagux Khasi
Leagux Khasi Pred 10 urami
keem do you watch soccer ? and if yes with who are you for the champions league finals ?
RubenSto Pred 10 urami
wth how can she say he's cheating when her job is hooking up wit other guys
LGND7 Pred 10 urami
Hearing james charles voice and seeing his face make me want to kill myself
Samz Au
Samz Au Pred 10 urami
george should not be saying anything about mikes podcasting skills. he literally sits there until he sees an opportunity for a laugh or something shallow insightful pops in his brain
Polstado e
Polstado e Pred 10 urami
can i get a pizza
Dijon Ann
Dijon Ann Pred 10 urami
Seems like that girl just wants to keep suing.. sounds like a money grab.. this will be the second time.
santos Pred 10 urami
why cant people just be humble
Consperse Pred 11 urami
James Charles makes me cringe
Thatguy Pred 11 urami
Prouve that you read comments and respond
CTW's Show
CTW's Show Pred 11 urami
Ha James Charles called somebody disgusting but he is literally a predator
Trevor Koin
Trevor Koin Pred 11 urami
Stop the cap Keem🙄... if you really read comments go comment on my latest song😏
Colt Pred 11 urami
Logan should never speak to Mike again he's nothing but a backstabber piece of Dookie clout chaser
haley !!!!!!!!!!
haley !!!!!!!!!! Pred 11 urami
If anyone goes to jail hopefully it’s you for killing your friend oof
Jack Frechette
Jack Frechette Pred 11 urami
Grandayy is gonna win
Jack Frechette
Jack Frechette Pred 11 urami
also just wanna say is that james charles said "this is disgusting" whats disgusting is him texting minors
Blaise D Shrute
Blaise D Shrute Pred 11 urami
“And as you all know, I DONT CARE.” Yo I was dying 😂
royandescartes Pred 11 urami
Lana Rhodes upset because she found a used condom from her ex boyfriend? is she stupid or stupid?
TrippeDavi Pred 11 urami
@dramaalert about to get one million in a day
Yung Bum
Yung Bum Pred 11 urami
Nah skrew keem
heyitsAOI Pred 11 urami
Ten million Poki simps are gonna click on this vid
Simple Reefing
Simple Reefing Pred 11 urami
Ok keemstar like this comment if you have read it 🤣🤣🤣👍👍👍
Ultraism Pred 11 urami
No way do you read comments
iHaaryy x
iHaaryy x Pred 11 urami
Hail gnome king 👑
Opus Pred 11 urami
Bottom line is Logan is right. Its all well and good Mike was logan was there for him after Tokyo, but thats when mike was a nobody. Logan made him. Now he has some clout he's bad mouthing logan to Banks who Logan isnt a fan of. Mike is a bit of a snake tbh. Its an awful character trait.
Yousef 21
Yousef 21 Pred 11 urami
Free Free Palestine🇵🇸 🇵🇸 Free Free Palestine🇵🇸 🇵🇸 Free Free Palestine🇵🇸 🇵🇸 Free Free Palestine🇵🇸
Yousef 21
Yousef 21 Pred 11 urami
Yousef 21
Yousef 21 Pred 11 urami
Yousef 21
Yousef 21 Pred 11 urami
Yousef 21
Yousef 21 Pred 11 urami
Yousef 21
Yousef 21 Pred 11 urami
Keith sweet
Keith sweet Pred 11 urami
MV6 Claps
MV6 Claps Pred 11 urami
lets test it then if you read the comments and love your wife then you will like this
T020 Pred 11 urami
Every pokimane simp is working extra jobs to donate to pokimane 💀💀💀
Sebastian Fonseca
Sebastian Fonseca Pred 11 urami
Predator Poachers YYC
Predator Poachers YYC Pred 11 urami
I think its a great idea to get the pornstars involved with the twitch situation
GoodGuyCzy Pred 11 urami
Loving the loop myguy
Alex Lawton
Alex Lawton Pred 11 urami
slap a dislike
Rajib Mahbub
Rajib Mahbub Pred 11 urami
Thanks god your channel is not 2 hours show on one person’s apology
JustGoneHaywire Pred 11 urami
Pokimane simps simpin
DP Pred 11 urami
Well i mean if people want to watch these Thots and give them their Money, then just let them and ignore those Streamers. I hate those streams, i just watch the Streamers i like.
Aske Carlsen
Aske Carlsen Pred 11 urami
Pin me😁
Code1Lyoko Pred 11 urami
Can you talk about Dom Tracy he’s been a scammer on SLtvr for 5 years and he’s been lying when he said he will follow you on Instagram if we give him 50 dollars but he never does that and he would give you his phone number if you give him 20 dollars but that never happens either so expose Dom Tracy
TJ Pred 11 urami
Keem be hittin the JUUL
Peak Pred 11 urami
MF Pred 11 urami
If You Love Us, Like This 🙂
dark goku
dark goku Pred 11 urami
I got your hqt
Karamel Kosak
Karamel Kosak Pred 11 urami
HE sent her the list now hes like i dont want to talk about it lmaoooo
Lenny Pred 11 urami
Wait, is "bitch" off limits now?
hey there
hey there Pred 11 urami
Apparently is
Faris Al Maskati
Faris Al Maskati Pred 11 urami
I like how Keem is trying his best not to say any bad words 😂
LotsaSpaghetti Pred 10 urami
That's just how SLtv be these days my friend
Luis Flores
Luis Flores Pred 11 urami
Paul Brothers vs Mayweather on the same night is a set up. Prediction: Logan loses the fight, Mayweather loses the second because he's too tired. Logan is the sacrifice for Jake's career.
TheTrue KingQ
TheTrue KingQ Pred 11 urami
I thought if you settled in a law suit all charges and claims go away anyway
susana cardenas
susana cardenas Pred 11 urami
James feeling more passionate about getting sued than getting caught up, smh
Klemen Ješovnik
Klemen Ješovnik Pred 11 urami
yes david has a big fanbase 😊
Bivvy Pred 11 urami
Mike is such a snake
Arsh Gupta
Arsh Gupta Pred 11 urami
is it just me or his hoodie looking fly?
Timid _
Timid _ Pred 12 urami
Considering he could be charged with being a predator this is not hard
ElGancho08 Pred 12 urami
Alright I’m baiting keen to like this comment
pain Pred 12 urami
boo did u get scared
theboi2002 Pred 12 urami
Why is james Charles still on the platform 🙃
Edgardo Cruz
Edgardo Cruz Pred 12 urami
James charlos is gay af and talks so annoying and fake bro
AdamPlayzTwit Pred 12 urami
let's see If you check comments 🤔🤔